Thursday, March 31, 2011

31 Days of Selena Day 31

Day 31

So what do I say for today? Today is the last day of March, the last day Selena lived, well morning, actually, she was shot at 11:45 and died at 1:05pm. I have to say I'm sad that it's over, there was so much more to talk about. The No Me Queda Mas hairstyle that I think is the greatest mystery as to how she did it herself, the see through shirts that she sometimes wore a decorated bustier under, how in the world she fit into jeans and pants, when some of her outfits looked practically painted on (Padrisimo Feb. 1995),and her awesome afro. I would say her best feature was her smile. What made her beautiful was her heart, and what made her accessible to fans, her openness. There are SO many stories about what she did with and to her fans. You have to understand that she was the Janet Jackson of Tejano music, that's how big she was. She would play baseball with the neighborhood kids, ride go carts with them, she actually let two fans into her house! (her husband thought they were her relatives), she didn't know who these people were, as she's coming out the shower, so she puts on some makeup and changes and talks with her fans INSIDE her living room! I mean what celebrity of that status does that? If Janet did that to me, you can think of the cloud I would be on, I would want that woman to adopt me! lol. She gave a lot of free concerts, if she could she would attend fans' games. Had she'd lived, she was going to take the kid that found her dog out to McDonald's April 2, 1995, the kids that helped look for her dog, she made cupcakes for them. She was sitting at Olive Garden on the (March) 30th with her mother, and saw an old lady eating by herself, she had the waiter send over a slice of cake to her, and paid for it. Things like that made her beautiful. Like I said earlier, her smile. I said it the first time I saw her, and I've said it all these years, she has the best and prettiest smile, I've ever seen. I used to call it the "Mile Smile" because you could see it from a mile. So unfortunately, this is the last blog post of 31 Days of Selena, but it was fun.

Next up, 29 days of Kate Middleton! In honor of her getting married on the 29th April, and she's 29 herself, lol. I will be talking about her lovely fashion, this chic has style!
*Check out the video I made for Selena!

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