Wednesday, March 2, 2011

31 Days of Selena Day 3

Day 3

So everyone thinks this cute little bob, Sel was sportin' in 1991 was intentional. Actually, it was a mistake. Selena had long hair when she was a girl and had it cut when she was 11, she kept sportin' the same hairdo for a few years into a stylish curly afro an would also do some Anita Baker styles towards the end of the decade. When she wanted to get her hair permed, the hairdresser left it on too long, and her hair started to fall out! So they cut it into this cute stylish bob, but boy was girlfriend mad! Another fashion story is, this cute black bustier, is very 3D as you can see from the design in the picture. I had the awesome privilege of seeing it up close and personal in her museum. Of course, being the fashion designer that I am, did I notice what she had done. What she did was she bought a bra, an then she made this cool design and hot glued the design onto the bra, pretty cool huh? Not only that but it also makes it appear she's bigger than usual, all in the "illusion" Selena created for herself. Girlfriend is genius!

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