Thursday, March 17, 2011

31 Days of Selena Day 17

Day 17

It's not that fun, it's jacket day! lol. Selena didn't wear jackets often, but when she did you can believe that they were sparkly and full of creativity, just like Selena. Her two most famous jackets, were the leather jacket and the purple jacket she wore in 1993 when she recorded "Selena Live". Although the leather jacket is probably the most well known, and most liked. I will only post 4 because she did wear quite a few, okay she wore a lot. She won her leather jacket in Las Vegas, gambling. Well actually she gambled and used the money to buy the jacket, 400.00 bucks not bad, it's beautiful! It's so rockerish! She rocked it well with her leather pants, guitar earrings, and teased hair. For the 1993 Selena Live recording she designed the purple jacket and put the jewels on, GORGEOUS! The third picture of her wearing a black jacket with embroidery, the lovely hands of Selena designed that, and it was replicated so beautifully in the movie, that Suzy, actually thought Jennifer was wearing her sister's jacket! Awesome work from the costume designer! I also love the black and white checkered jacket, the actress, Fran Drescher wore the exact same on on the episode of the nanny around the same time Selena did. How awesome is that? So that is the brief blog of her gorgeous and most creative jackets. More to come for tomorrow Day 18!


  1. Jackets, oh jackets! Love it! :)

  2. the 94 tma jacket is my fav! its actually my absolute favorite selena look, head to toe!

  3. What kind of fabric do you think is the purple jacket is. I also need to find the rhinestones she used?