Saturday, March 26, 2011

31 Days of Selena Day 26

Day 26

Yet again the purple outfit resurfaces. She of course designed another purple outfit. This is such a cute outfit! It's a jumpsuit with halter straps, and a quilted long sleeve jacket with buttons from the elbow to the wrist and at the neckline. She had a thing for buttons on the sleeves as you can tell and if you ask me, I think she was inspired by her Chanel bag, Chanel's signature quilted pattern on her purses are very famous and part of the Chanel look, and when I see this jacket it reminds me of Chanel. Nevertheless, she looked radiant, and of course she would be since, she won 5 Tejano Music Awards that night (equivalent to the Grammy's) and winning Female Vocalist of The Year for the 8th year in a row making it a total of 9 times that she's won that award. She would perform in this outfit later on in the month of March, and sadly, she would be buried in it. Both times she looked beautiful, even on that sad day of April 2.

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