Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tis the Furry Season

It's winter weather! And if you're not living in in South Texas or Florida, you know that across the country it is bbbrrry cold outside. Some places are colder than others. So for the fashionistas that love their fur or faux fur I have some tips for you.

Rule 1. DON'T OVERKILL! Yeah that's probably a pun to some of you and maybe offensive but whatever get over it or don't continue to read. I have come to the conclusion that even J.Lo can't wear all fur or all animal skin, the snakeskin dress and shoes looks like Anaconda revisted except she lost and the snake attacked her and she's part of an animal ritual from the cavewoman times. It's just wrong. And anyone knows me knows I love my girl from the Block but this is just wrong.

Rule 2. Balance. This pretty much ties in with the rule number 1, but you want to make sure there is a balance. Just like with any outfit, you don't want to be head to toe clad in fur or animal print, If you have furry boots, wear leggings, or skinny jeans, with a warm sweater, a scarf and a coat with a fur trim. Or a fur coat with a nice dress and heels.

LOVE LOVE LOVE! Carolina Herera's design. Simple, yet classic, and balance well, and it's a cowl necklin I have just died and gone to Heaven I love cowl necklines and I'm wearing a cowl neckline sweater right now :-) 

Rule 3. Proportion. There are fur vests out there that do nothing for the figure, there are fur coats that look like the animal just died and someone was on their way to a ritual of some sort. Make sure that the fur has a good fit. Make sure the cut of the vest, jacket, coat fits well. There are some that are narrow cut at the waist to give a beautiful look. And then there are what I call the square look. The coat just hangs on you, this is kind of tricky if you don't know what you're doing. With the shoulder pads, like I said earlier it'll look like you're going to an animal ritual. There are cute fur vests with a leather belt that are cute and if you're a small bust girl it makes you look bigger and with the belt it makes your waist look smaller. Wonderful!

Absolutely not!

 HOT! Love this look. Shorts, stockings, and the right accessories make the rabbit fur jacket look young and hip.
Awesome! The belt cinches the waist in and gives it a wonderful proportion.

Rule 4. Classy. Fur in the Golden Age of Hollywood from the 30s-50s was a symbol of luxury, and status. Even today women that wear real fur have the money to pay for it, faux fur everyone can wear and make it look hip and cool. Obviously fur is a symbol of glamour and money especially with the old black and white movies and fashion icons from that era. And even though I am against huge fur, the earlier times where Marlene Dietrich wore bigger fur symbolized a lot of money. I mean can you imagine how much that cost to make? And she can rock it, so kudos to her. I guess if you wear it and rock it well there shouldn't be a problem. But tread lightly my fellow 'nistas. So this concludes my furry post rock out the winter blues in your fur!

Big fur done right
Tread very lightly with this