Monday, March 28, 2011

31 Days of Selena Day 27

Day 27

There are two things I want to talk about, well more of three things, first the skirts. Today we'll talk about skirts. Actually this has to do with the second thing I wanted to talk about, the booty! So like I said before, Selena had leg complex, she always wore pants, and if she wore dresses they would be long. She seldom, wore mini skirts or short skirts, but when she did, as always classy and fabulous. So it is no surprise that Selena had a big butt. I mean, the girl's figure is banging! Seriously in my opinion, her, Tyra Banks, and Janet Jackson have the perfect figures; they have a nice size bust not to small, not too big, a small waist, big hips, and a very big bottom, and yes even Ms. Janet Jackson has nice legs, glad she finally realized it. Although Selena is seen more as a  pear-shaped figure, it looks more of that shape because when she gained weight her bottom got bigger. Like always, Selena knew what worked with her figure and how to work it. Now women who have bigger bottoms have to know what length would work for them while wearing a short dress or skirt. Since Selena designed and made hers this was no problem. Since hitting puberty at 15, and filling out completely by 16, she's had that shaped since, and of course her mom was a helpful figure as well. I mean what 16 year old knows how to design for a figure like that? When she would wear mini skirts and short skirts, she would have to make sure that the skirts weren't tight, or that they weren't constricting. Since she loved to do her famous spins, she would need a skirt that would allow her to spin, but without showing anything, even if they were short. I'm sure she tested them out before completing the skirt. Length is very important with short skirts or dresses, because when a woman has a big bottom like in Selena's case, that makes the back of the skirt be shorter while the front of the skirt is longer. That's why I'm sure Selena used a lot of stretch material, and made the skirt fuller towards the end of the skirt and more fitted to her waist for this reason. I think she made a lot of flared and circle skirts, sometimes A line, but not all the time. I know it's a lot of design and technical talk. Here's a link to show what I'm talking about. lol. Circle Skirt

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