Saturday, March 26, 2011

31 Days of Selena Day 24

Day 24

So we're winding down towards the end of the month, which is not a happy time for me, well in Selena world. Especially for her with all the new evidence being brought to light about her "friend" but I do want to talk about her her fashion in March 95.

I noticed that in her last month, she wore a lot of jumpsuits and was covered more, I really wish I knew more to the story, but I have three theories. One, she was getting older, she would've been 24 and she was probably growing out of the bra and pants phase, especially since it was 95 and that fad had almost become non existent by that time, not to mention she was recording her English album, and probably wanted a different approach to the English market. Two, I read that she was becoming more closer to God, and reading the Bible more, and she probably thought she should tone down the bra and pants look, not to say that if you wore that you were a heathen, because some do it very well and are very much in tune with their religion, although it's a thin line (like sexy-classy) of people knowing what your religion is and not looking like a hypocrite wearing sexy outfits, like I said she did this very well. And three it could be because it was cold in Texas. lol. Yes it does get cold, and with her busy schedule she probably didn't have time design stage outfits as well as getting ready to open a boutique in Mexico, probably later on that year, while creating a clothing line earlier that year, as well as flying back and forth from Mexico and Texas, as well as other states for her album. Which is why she wore a lot of the same outfits, she wore the purple outfit (Astrodome 95) 4 times in a span of weeks.

So I want to talk about her cute bell bottom jumpsuit. She actually wore two at this show. She wore the green jumpsuit, that had a cut out oval shaped opening decorated with rhinestones and buttoned sleeves from the elbows to the wrists complete of course with silver shoes. One of my favorite jumpsuits, I might add. She changed because the rhinestones kept falling off, lol. She changed into yet another jumpsuit, although, this was more of a catsuit then the previous jumpsuit (yes there are differences) but this one she was covered head to toe, with a turtleneck collar, and long-sleeves decorated with buttons from elbow to wrist. This is proof yet again, that you can be sexy-class, especially when covered from head to toe in a catsuit.

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