Tuesday, March 15, 2011

31 Days of Selena Day 15

Day 15

Today, I will talk about something, very near and dear to me, it's something Selena and I were in sync with and had a lot in common with (besides fashion) it was.....SHOES! Excuse me for a moment, while I go and get a tissue............................................Okay I'm back now, I have her beat, by 15, she had 200 pairs of shoes, and I have 215. And as you know, when there are that many shoes, one closet isn't enough. Yes, I have accepted that I am my mother's daughter, and my grandmother's granddaughter, when it comes to shoes. My mom has shoes spilling out of her closet, and my grandmommy has 3. Selena and I have a special bond, that is of course shoes. She of course was a genius (like you didn't know). Like I mentioned yesterday (Day 14) for her Astrodome 1994 pearl outfit, she got 3 1/2 inch white calf high boots and bought a ribbon of beads that were long strand, and glued them onto her boots. I have had the privilege of seeing that up close and person at her museum :-). Now these aren't the only fierce shoes girlfriend has worn. The Furia Musical Awards in 1994 she wore these 1 1/2 inch platform, with 5 inch heels (yes I can tell how tall a heel is just by looking at in a picture thank you very much.) that had a clear strap over them. I have only seen one person wear these shoes and that was Anna Nicole (in her reality show), and I found some similar to those, but not these exact ones, but I am determined to find those shoes! I will conquer! The other fierce shoe she wore was at the 1993 performance at the Memorial Coliseum in Corpus Christi, where she won a year later, her first Grammy for Selena Live. These were purple 3 inch heels that came over the knee, now it's one thing that they were her favorite color, purple suede, but it's quite another that this girl decorated on the front of her boots, rhinestones. Imagine how shocked, happy, and in love I was with these shoes, and with her as a designer I had a major shoegasm when I saw them, and almost cried. Another pair of shoes that I like but wouldn't wear because they're too short for me, are the shoes she wore with her red bustier on Siempre en Donmingo 1994, they're cute that they're red 3 inch heel boots with a gold chain, but like I said too short, but she only wore them because of her dancing, I'm sure if she wasn't a natural dancer she would've worn very high heels. The others are the shoes she wore the day after the Grammys in 1994 for a photo shoot she did, black 3inch boots that she wore in performances with the gold trim, unfortunately, the evils that be, a certain person locked up in jail, stole them from her, and you can imagine my urge to want to steal them back but I'll keep my cool. There is also another fierce 3" heel shoe that is black and is opened on the front, these have a corset look to them and are beyond fly. I had a moment, and another shoegasm when I saw them. And then there are the shoes from the TMAs 93...Oh Lord I'm not going there, yet another shoegasm.  As you can tell, from this LONG post I love shoes. And yes I even have a pair of brown cowboy shoes. They're brown and make me feel so Texan, *sighs* and she was a fan of that considering how many she had, and she had to wear them for performances, you know all those spins. :-) There are a TON more pictures I can find where she has the fiercest shoes in the history of America, but I won't post them all do you know how long that would be? lol.