Monday, March 7, 2011

31 Days of Selena Day 7


For the moment we're taking a break from the clothes and because of yesterday's posting (Day 6) talking about makeup, we couldn't leave out the hair! Selena is known for her long dark middle of the back hair, she always looked like the Mexican Pochantas (Disney version of course). I remember once, I read that she said she saw her hair  like how Samson did, the biblical story of how when they cut off his hair, he lost his strength and power, I can totally see where she was going with that one. In other words, she was talking about the "look" she created for herself, which is why she was so mad when she had to cut it the second time around (the 80s due to unfortunate perming incident) because her hair wouldn't be long at the end of the 80s like she wanted. So today we're going to talk about one of the many hairstyle she had, it's simple and to the point. The bun. I always said she looked like a ballerina especially in March of 1995. For the first three months of 95, and her last 3 months alive she wore her hair pulled back in a bun, majority of the time. She also wore a lot of cat and jumpsuits as well, but she was going for a cleaner, neat, crips look, and because she was so busy at the time, I figured she couldn't spend a lot of time on her hair. And from years of heat under lights and irons, and blow dryers, she wanted to give it a rest. Now over the weekend I saw a round doughnut shaped curler that reminded me of Selena's bun. And since Selena had a lot of hair, she revealed another secret to me.

What she would do after washing and in this case not completely dry her hair only to leave it damp when she would use hair gel, to give it that sleek look she had. Now there are two ways of doing this pull the hair into a tight ponytail bun (think J.Lo in Selena when she found out she went to number 1 in the parking lot). And then attach the hairpiece onto the ponytail. Or you can get a doughnut shaped clip which straightens out, you put your hair into a ponytail, and there is an opening that when it's straightened you put your ponytail through it bring it all the way to the end roll it up (like your curling your hair) and snap it to the original shape that it was. Which is probably the way Selena did, since she had a LOT of hair. It's simple enough and you can find it at any hair store. Here are two links that show the hair piece and the doughnut bun. Hair piece Doughnut bun.

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