Friday, March 4, 2011

31 Days of Selena Day 4

Day 4

Musically, she's known as the Queen of Tejano, but fashionably (in my world) she's known as the Queen of Illusion. Yet again, the Illusionist shows once again how to work with what you have and minimize or enhance whichever way she's feeling at the time and shows us out to do it. As you can see in the above pictures, Selena is wearing dark colors. Now at first glance to people that don't know fashion, it's a cute outfit, hugging her lovely curves, but to me, I see exactly what she's doing. Already I have said, black is a slimming color (which is why she liked it), but the red although it's a dark color here, against the black it pops, which is the effect she was going for against the dark lights on the stage. By looking at the black first it looks like she has a very small waist, and with the eyelets that give it that faux corseted look, the red draws you to the black making it appear that she's wearing a corset. With the black stripes on the side from the first picture it enhances the "corseted" look by outlining her waist, which gives her the full effect of the hour glass look she was going for. And don't think for a second that those pants were just a "cool design". Of course she need stretchy material for dancing, and because her booty could rival that of Ms. J.Lo. But for the front of the pants, the top is stretch knit material. From the upper mid thigh, there is a leather material which makes her thighs and legs look thinner. She had this complex about her legs not thinking she had the best legs (she should recheck the mirror) and one thigh was slightly bigger than the other, so this "illusion" definitely worked out in her favor. Not to mention the jewels at the bottom of top make her torso look a bit longer which makes her hips look slightly smaller. So there you have it, The Illusionist, Selena doing what she did best, creating the "illusion" all in part of the "Selena" look. And you thought fashion was just pretty clothes. HA!


  1. Love how this is really informational yet in such a small paragraph. Thanks I learned a lot and am really interested in Selena. Lovely Pictures by the way