Saturday, March 26, 2011

31 Day of Selena Day 25

Day 25

So I want to talk about the famous purple outfit, the Astrodome 95 outfit, the one she wore 4 times in 4 weeks. She first premiered this adorable outfit on February 26, 1995 when she performed for the 3rd year in a row, at the Houston Astrodome. Which was a big honor to be asked 3 times to perform from 93-95. That shows how popular and successful Selena was during those times. It seemed that her appearance at this arena, kept getting better and better, the 1st appearance she wore a bustier and hat, the 2nd, she looked ever so beautiful and classy (and fans say the best out of the 3) in the white pearl bustier, with white pants and white pearl boots, and then this one, bell bottoms, with a criss-cross halter in the front, in her favorite color, complete with silver booties. Each appearance she broke records with more people attending, she even had her name in lights for goodness sake! The 95 outfit covered her in all the right places. When some women wear halter tops that criss-cross in the front, it can look very skanky, not all but some. Selena had hers tightly secured in the front and the straps were very wide to cover the sides of her bosom area. This is also one of the few times she showed her belly button, which to me was kind of a different look for Selena since she always had that covered. As usual, she was fabulous, and when she wore it 3 more times she kept looking classier and classier, and of course the shoes were on point. :-)

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