Monday, March 21, 2011

31 Days of Selena Day 21

Day 21

So this is one of the looks I love from her. Her hair is very simple, it's pulled up tightly and she clipped a very LONG ponytail, on the top stopping at the middle of her waist. Although I wasn't too fond of the tulle arm ruffles, of course she made it work. She wore this a couple of more times, one with her hair like this, and the other with her hair down, although the hair down with this outfit did nothing for me. This outfit works SO much better with this hairstyle, it's so cute! The jewelry to match totally works, I love green jewels, especially the deep emerald that she's sporting. Now I will tell you that the last two pictures are not from the previous pictures, nor or they from the performance below, because her belly button is showing in the last two pics. lol.

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