Monday, March 14, 2011

31 Days of Selena Day 14

Day 14

Earrings. Selena wearing earrings was as much of apart of her wardrobe as shoes. No matter if she was offstage; wearing sweats, tennis shoes and little to no makeup she always wore earrings, well majority of the time, unless she was in her house cleaning, lol.  Which is how I am, no matter how bummy I look I have to wear earrings, I just feel naked without them. If I leave the house and I'm in a rush and I forget to put my earrings on I go back to put them on, as soon as I do my hair or throw a hat on, I put on my earrings. It's like a security blanket, maybe that's how it was for Selena. I will admit there were few times where she didn't wear earrings, but like I said around the house or on the tour bus. Selena made a lot of her stage earrings. Sometimes, they would match her bustiers or outfits, others would just enhance an outfit or give color. For the picture above, wear she's wearing her "La Caracha" outfit, (the 6th pic), she wears red and gold earrings, that match with her red and gold beaded top and red belt buckle. She also wore these earrings, with an all black sparkly bustier, black pants, black boots, and black hat with gold trim. The earrings enhanced the outfit as well as give it color. The same can be said for the white bow pearl drop earrings she wore with the red bustier, red pants, and red boots. It also gave it a classy look with the pearls. The Astrodome 1994 outfit (which I absolutely LOVE) she was all pearls. Pearl bustier, white pants, pearl boots (which was also a bright idea from her. She glued a ribbon of long strand pearls on her boots.) and pearl earrings. She looked extremely classy even if she was wearing a bra and pants, pearls are timeless and classy, and they can be done up in a fun way like the flappers of the 1920s, or they could be for a chic look like Chanel, or a classy look like she wore. Sexy-classy yet again. Also, my favorite earrings are the guitar earrings she wore at the TMAs 1994 with the leather jacket, I think she wore that because of Chris, aww!!! And the earrings at the TMAs 1991 (Day 11) I love earrings like those!