Sunday, October 9, 2011

CM's Picks!-Fashion Week Edition-Chanel Spring 2012

 You really didn't think I would leave Chanel out of this list did you? It's Chanel! I was saving the best for last!
Where do I start? Karl Lagerfeld has done it again! Put on a fabulous show with great fashion! When you think of Chanel you think of class, elegance, simplicity, timeless. And once again Karl has delivered. He did get rid of the signature braid trim, the iconic pearls were used as buttons and belts. This is a "white hot" collection. Despite getting rid and altering some of the iconic trims doesn't ruin the Chanel look at all. It works.

CM's Picks!-Fashion Week Edition-Valentino Spring 2012

Just because Valentino the designer has retired doesn't mean that his Spring 2012 collection is short of feminine elegance. Designers, Maria Grazia and Pier Paola Piccioli have designed a beautiful collection that I know Valentino is proud of. Which means he can rest easy knowing that his label will be in good hands for years to come. My only beef is Maria, for someone that can be 1/2 of designing beautiful elegance can be such a frumpy dresser. The blouse is so wrong it is too small, hence the gap in the middle, and the high waisted pants that the blouse is carelessly tucked in makes her look short and boxy. What a shame. But let's stay focused on the collection shall we?

Elegance, grace, femininity that's what describes Valentino's Spring 2012 Collection. I just love everything about it! Especially, the short strapless dresses. So cute and flirty, I will take one in my size, ASAP!

CM's Picks!-Fashion Week Edition-Alberta Ferretti Spring 2012

So due to school starting, and working on big projects for both school and another big project I had to take a mini break. So while my lovely computer is taking it's time downloading programs I'll be resuming my pics for Fashion Week, only 3 more to go! 

Color, tribal, box-pleats, and drop waists are words that describe this collection. In this collection there is a lot of faggoting. This term is a sewing technique that joins two fine linen fabrics together wit ha sheer panel that was used in vintage nightwear and lingerie. It seems her and Ralph Lauren have are going backwards instead of forward, which is fine by me. The art deco, 20s inspired designs work well with the colors. It's something a great take on the vintage style. Without the cloche hats and low heels this collection is reminiscent of the 20s without looking like you stepped out that period. One word, awesome!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

CM's Picks! Fashion Week Edition-Victoria Beckham Spring 2012

My ode to Victoria Beckham: Oh the lovely Victoria Beckham, how I love thee. How wonderful is she, and her clothing designs are chic as can be.
And that's about it folks. I mean Vic does no wrong, EVER! Her personal style is bomb! Like I want to live in her closet, hers, J.Lo's and Celine Dion's. I'm for one am so glad she's a fashion designer. After years of being a fashionista and posing like the glamazon model that she know she is  (although, she won't admit to it) it's about time she allowed us gals to dress like her, I mean what's not to like? The girl is fierce!

CM's Picks!-Fashion Week Edition-Ralph Lauren Spring 2012

Retro is cool, retro is in, and Ralph Lauren has accomplished just that. Going back to the movie that made him famous, The Great Gatsby (1974), Ralph has a BEAUTIFUL, AWESOME, GORGEOUS collection! I LOVE IT! There are not enough adjectives in the English language to describe how I feel about this collection. I mean it's the 20s for crying out loud! The colors are soft, mostly white, pastel colors, flowy without the voluminous overflow that some associate with the word flowy. The garments cling to the body but leave you with a lasting presence. Even his take on men's suit for women is amazing and so feminine. Whereas, YSL "le smoking" tuxedo suit was sexy and with an edgy dark look, Ralph's is light and flirty. And the cloche hats are so cool! Ralph has done it yet again. I love this man. :-)