Saturday, February 26, 2011

28 Influential African America Fashion Icons 15-22

Bill Cosby

So I think it's safe to say that women across the world are jealous of Bill Cosby, one word; sweaters! Why is it that we don't have fashionable sweaters like that? Ever since "The Cosby Show" aired in 1984 he has been wearing the most innovative sweaters known to man, and I know for a fact that he helped the sweater industry. I will say we have our cute, cowl sweaters, sweater dresses, turtleneck sweaters etc, but do you see designs like Bill's on women's sweaters? Don't think so. My favorite one has to be the track sweater (mainly because I wanted to be a track runner), but it's just so cool, how can you not like Bill Cosby?


Crazy (Left Eye R.I.P.), Sexy (Chilli), Cool (T-Boz) better known as TLC, exploded onto the music scene in 1992,with their spray painted brightly colored, condom clothing. They stood for safe sex, feminism, and of course they were take no mess kind of girls straight out of the ATL. The one thing that fans loved about them, is that they stayed true to themselves, even though they grew from girls into women and were sexy at times, they remained true to themselves. Despite the loss of of everyone's favorite rapper, Lefteye, they remain one of the most beloved girl groups of all time.

Toni Braxton

Toni Braxton is one of the few ladies of the "Quiet Storm" genre, she ranks high up on the list with Sade and Anita Baker. Her signature cropped cut, and cropped belly tops with a sensual voice and beautiful looks made her an instant favorite. Her catalog of music is timeless and brings back memories for those (like myself) who grew up listening to her. Not to mention, girlfriend still got it going on.

Sidney Portier

"THEY CALL ME MISTER TIBBS!!!" that line will always be the line associated with him. Oscar winner, Sidney has paved the way and inspired many actors following him. Sidney is smooth as butter, watch any of his movies and you'll see what I'm talking about, and the slap heard around the world, in "In the Heat of The Night" he carried himself with such poise, suave, and elegance, he is one of the last few of the "gentlemen" era and I personally put him up there with Harry Belafonte, Denzel, Gregory Peck and Cary Grant.

Whitney Houston

I used to swear that her and Celine Dion were opera singers. Her voice is that of classical and churchness combined. She can do just the right amount of runs, and the ooss and ahhss. Over 120 mil sold, she has remained classy but still hip an fun.

M.C. Hammer

I know I know, it's M.C. Hammer, but who wasn't wearing those pants? Who wasn't trying to do the dance moves like him? Ladies, who didn't wear the bustiers, with tight pants or biker shorts with black shoes? We all know this was the style, and everyone was trying to "do legit the quit". Ever since then, they have been been a trend in fashion. Don't try and be like Hammer in his cartoon show jump off the roof with them, it wouldn't work. lol.

Monday, February 21, 2011

28 Influential African-American Fashion Icons 8-14

Halle Berry

Halle Berry has the perfect figure, she is the epitome of beauty. She is known for her classic short pixie cut, which I think after Toni Braxton, she made extremely popular. She has the face of an angel, and the perfect face for any length. Whether, it's short, shoulder-length, curly, or wavy, this Oscar winner looks great with any hair style. Not only that, but she's a fabulous dresser! She's knows how what works with her figure, an shows it off well, without ever coming off as trying to hard.

Donna Summer

The Queen of Disco, beautiful brown skin, big beautiful black hair. She had famous hits like, "Hot Stuff", "On The Radio", "Last Dance", "Bad Girls", and "She Works Hard for the Money". Not only was she known for those hits and the big hair, but she was known for wearing sexy and revealing outfits showing off those beautiful legs. Whenever there is a 70s Disco party, she's the main one women choose to be.

Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks, former model and former talk show host, and creator of America's Next Top Model, she helped pave the way for today's generation of black aspiring models. She also helped break boundaries being the first black model on the cover of Sports Illustrated, and gracing the cover three times. The third wearing the same itty bitty polka dot bikini she wore for her second cover (1997) in 2007 which she looked oh so fabulous in.

She's always daring, and takes risks with her fashion, and even though some of her hairstyles and looks are questionable at times, she still works it with fun and confidence.

Phyllis Hyman

When people think of the women's fashion of the 80s they think of power suits, with big shoulder pads, big hair and heavy makeup. Phyllis Hyman fit right in that category and wore the look extremely well. She was a voluptuous and powerful looking woman, and she wore those big shoulder pads, Sunday church hats and heavy makeup beautifully. She exuded confidence and sexuality in the only way she knew how, and it worked very well for her. Helping pave the way for future voluptuous women like; Queen Latifah, Jennifer Hudson, and Monique, that being big is sexy.

P. Diddy

Puffy, Puff Daddy, P. Diddy, or Diddy whatever name he feels like going by these days can dress to the nines. The hip-hop mogul, can dress like he's from the streets, preppy, or in 3 piece suits rockin' the bling very much like his friend, Jay-Z. His love for fashion and flair went a step further when he debuted his Sean John line in 1998. Anything a fashion designer does, Diddy has done, helping make hip-hop look cool and glam.

Denzel Washington

Denzel Washington, one of the most handsomest man in Hollywood. Always on point with his style of dressing, not only that but it is proven that he has the perfect face. No, seriously, it has been said and proven that his features are spaced just right, and everything is in proportion. Not only is the Oscar winner a great actor, but he is also the spokesman for the Boys and Girls Club which he was a member of growing up, in love with his wife of 27 years, making him even more handsome *sighs*

Boyz II Men

 Boyz II Men are the smoothest fliest group of R&B. They burst onto scene in 1991 with their album "Cooleyhighharmony" (which I was so happy to witness), their insane harmonies had all the girls melting. Their style of dressing, impeccable. And even though their older now, they still dress with style. I have to admit it's refreshing to see a group still dress cohesively, while other groups stopped dressing the same, they still do. Giving that old school, Temptations vibe. B2M still got it going on after 20+ years in the biz, and they're not going anywhere. Maybe they should change their name to, The Smooth Groove Boyz.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

28 Influential African American Fashion Icons

In honor of Black history month I will be posting up 7 influential African American fashion icons of all time. Brought to you by yours truly, and at the end of the week they will be posted. *Sorry for the late posting I had a BUSY 1st week of February.

Janet Jackson

Ms. Janet made her debut on "Good Times" as Penny and soon starred in her family's show "The Jacksons", and the world fell in love. She made other appearances on TV shows like "Fame" and "Diff'rent Strokes" she had a couple of albums the first titled, "Janet Jackson" (1982) and the second "Dream Street" (1984), it was cute bubble gum pop produced by her famous brothers, but it wasn't until she took "control" with her third album did the world take notice of the youngest Jackson. 1986's "Control" was her break out album, but it was her 1989's "Rhythm Nation 1814" did the fashion icon emerge. Clad from head to toe in black and often sporting a ponytail and cap with a hoop earring one that had a key "to her animal cages" that everyone wanted the "Janet" look. All of her videos from that album she sported black including her jet black hair. Even in the today's youth and artist such as Keri Hilson's "Pretty Girl Rock" do people recognize the black ensemble and instantly associated it with Janet Jackson.

Pam Grier

Pam Grier the Queen of Blaxpoitation movies, made her first debut in "Beyond Valley of the Dolls" in 1970. She became the baddest chick of the 1970s with movies "Coffy" (1973), "Foxy Brown" (1974). She epitomized black beauty in Hollywood, with beautiful cocoa brown skin, large thighs and breasts, and beautiful dark hair. She had the confidence to match the sex appeal she exuded on the screen. The big afro, big hoop earrings and tie up shirt with the tight pants cemented her as one of the sexiest fashion icons of the 70s. Ms. "Foxy Brown" made her return in Quentin Tarantino's 1997 "Jackie Brown" and introduced her to the young kids of the day she still acts today and has made recent appearances in movies, 2010 "Just Wright" and "The Invited". The world will forever know her as "Foxy Brown".


The Somalian born, Iman, also known to the world as "The African Queen", debuted in the fashion world in 1975. Known as one of the world's first black supermodel, her 14 year reign as a supermodel made an impact. Fashion designer, Yves Saint Laurent devoted his entire collection "The African Queen" to her, in which she modeled famously with a leashed leopard by her side. After retiring in 1989, she debuted her cosmetic line titled, "Iman" targeted to; Native America, Asian, Hispanic, and African American women. She created another line targeted to women of all colors, in 2000 called "I-Iman" and in 2007 she launched "Iman Global Chic" on HSN (Home Shopping Network. Not only is she a business woman and a philanthropist but she is very vocal about putting more black models on the runway and in fashion magazines. She currently hosts "The Fashion Show" on Bravo with fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi. She continues to inspire aspiring fashion models of color and women around the world standing by the saying, "black is beautiful".

Diana Ross

Diana Ross' has two signature looks that the world knows her for, the glamorous sequined dress with bouffant hair do, thick eyeliner, and big eyelashes, as 1/3 of The Supremes.The other is the long, curly, big, 70s disco hair, with plunging V-neck lines, short shorts, and high heels. Any get up, particularly, a red dress, with V-neck line and high split with big hair instantly gets one recognized as "the Diana Ross" look. Even today she combines both signature looks, wearing sequined dresses and curly, long, hair that she's so famously known for. She continues to sing and tour and has no plans of retiring.

Patti La Belle

Diana Ross isn't the only diva to sport big hair. Patti La Belle did it and did it well. From the 1970s through the early 1990s she rocked big, not big but HUGE hair. In the 70s it was the futuristic clothing with heavy makeup and interesting head pieces and hairstyles. In the 1980s through the early 1990s it was the heavy shoulder pads dramatic makeup and high heels. Now Patti has tamed her signature look; for stilettos, hair pieces (often ponytails) and shoulder length hair with figure hugging clothing. No matter how many looks she may don, her voice still remains the same, beautiful.

Josephine Baker

When people think of the 1920s they think of flappers, long pearl necklaces, and Josephine Baker. She was the face for African-Americans in of the 20s. Born in 1906 in St. Louis, MO Josephine had dreams of becoming a dancer which she later became, a singer and dancer. Due to the racism in America, she moved to Paris, France and became an international star. She is famously know though, by her exotic costumes, particularly the banana skirt costume, which is emulated in today's music videos, "Deja Vu"-Beyonce and "Pretty Girl Rock"-Keri Hilson.

Dorothy Dandridge

Carmen Jones was so wonderfully played by the beautiful Dorothy Dandridge in 1954. Dorothy Dandridge was one of the few African-American actresses in Hollywood that didn't play the mammies, maids, or slaves. She was the first black woman to nominated for Best Actress for her work in Carmen Jones. She paved the way for those that came after her such as Lela Rochon, Lynn Whitefield, and Halle Berry who was the first African-American to win Best Actress, that Dorothy was nominated for, years ago. Her beauty, perseverance, and talent has lasted years after her death in 1965, but whenever anyone sees the black off shoulder top and red skirt they remember, Dorothy Dandridge.

Friday, February 4, 2011

The Best of the SAG Awards 2011

I love award season you know why? FASHION! Of course on the list first and foremost is no other than Natalie Portman, but then again does she ever do wrong? Kyra Sedgewick, Hilary Swank, and other favorites also made the list so let's get started shall we?

Natalie Portman looks like a Grecian goddess she's wearing a beautiful white Azzaro gown and yet again wearing Tiffany jewels worth 2 million dollars! Talk about Breakfast at Tiffany's! Audrey or should I say Holly Goghlightly would be proud. Everything just works well with the soon-to-be mother, and her glow and baby bump work well with this look. Go Natalie!

Tina Fey in red? Are you serious? Yes, as a heart attack! She looks gorgeous (!) in this red embellished bodice Oscar de la Renta gown. She's wearing a Lorraine Schwartz and Louboutin clutch. She's known for wearing black and blue dresses, but she really gave us an eyeful with this red, she pulls it off wonderfully!

Oscar shows up again on the red carpet, Lea Michele is wearing a beautiful sleek silver belted, Oscar de la Renta gown. Her loose waves and minimal makeup add to the look. I personally would LOVE to wear this dress, it's so beautiful, young, and fun I have to say Oscar de la Renta knows how to design, which is why he's one of my favorite designers.

70s is back! We saw Heidi Klum wearing a 70s inspired dress by Marc Jacobs, and now this V-neck plunging neckline jumpsuit by Catherine Maladrino. There were a lot of people that didn't like that Julie Bowen wore a jumpsuit on the red carpet. It's the SAG not the Oscars, it's fun and yet glamorous. I love it, and I would totally wear it, it's fun!

This color is beautiful on Heather Morris who is wearing  a Romona Keveza gown with crystal embroidered bodice. It's so beautiful and serene. And works well on the red carpet. Hilary Swank is another one that wore this beautiful color with the flowy dress, and she rocked it well as usual.

Oh how I love this woman! I love seeing what Hilary wears on the red carpet, she is simply breathtaking in this Versace one shoulder gown. Of course if it were me I would have it and I'd probably take it in lavender, lol. She nails it every time. The gold clutch, soft curls, and great smile makes for great accessorizing.

Kyra Sedgwick is wearing vintage Thierry Mugler Kyra, Riger Vivier shoes, with a Kilian bag and wait for it...$200,00 Cartier diamonds! Girl has taste! I always love seeing what she wears on the red carpet, she dresses right for her age, and this dress is one of my top 3 favorites, she looks great in it!

Sofia Vergara is showing off her insanely curves in a beautiful blue Roberto Cavalli gown. If you ask me this is a sexier version of Kate Middleton's Issa blue gown from her announcement of her engagement in November.

I love this dress, it's so retro, my only thing is, is to shorten it 3inches, but other than that, Diana Agron is looking fabulous wearing wait for Haute couture gown from Chanel, the designer that never does wrong.

Mariska Hargitay looks absolutely GORGEOUS in this beautiful purple strapless gown accented with beautiful light green bold earrings. It's one of my favorite looks from her. She's always so classy. Work it girl!

Julia Stiles looks SO stunning in this beautiful white and navy ombre gown by Monique Lhuillier. She's wearing House of Lavande jewelry and of course Louboutin shoes. This is one of the most beautiful gowns I've seen on the red carpet.

I love this lemon colored V-neck belted J. Mendel dress that Rosario Dawson wore. The split was just high enough, and she completed the look with emerald drop earrings and metallic Louboutin shoes. This color works great for her, and the soft curls complete the look.

Amy Adams wore this beautiful a white Herve' Leroux GORGEOUS dress I might add with that. She kept everything minimal makeup and jewelry wise. The only thing I would say is to wear spanx, to help smooth everything out, and to take out at the top a an inch or two from the bust so it won't look like she's being stuffed in the dress. Other than that this dress was beautiful. And she concludes my list, next up the Grammy's! This should be interesting.