Saturday, March 12, 2011

31 Days of Selena Day 12

Day 12

So we're going to take a break from Pochantas, and talk about accessories! She could do no wrong when it came to this. Did you know that she used to decorate her belt buckles? She made her own jewelry too, the jewelry in "Bidi Bidi Bom Bom" was hers, and also in her boutique, she made the earrings, buckles, bracelets, EVERYTHING. One of my favorite looks, is when she was at the Premio Lo Nuestro awards 1994. She was wearing what looked like a one piece catsuit (the Illusionist making a comeback yet again,) but it was actually a sleeveless top key hole opening in the back, and black pants. What made it so awesome was the rhinestones around the neckline, armhole, the keyhole and the sparkly belt she wore. She kept everything else simple.Which is KEY to when accessorizing, because it makes or breaks the outfit. The designer of all designers, Chanel once said, "always take off one thing before you leave the house". So true! There are times when I see globs of jewelry on one person, who has on a crazy hat, crazy nails, and a very loud outfit, and it's like Really, are you going to die in the next 5 seconds and feel the need to wear everything in your closet? I don't think so. Since Sel wore this all black ensemble she dressed it up with sparkle, and it was just enough, not over the top. Her shoes were black boots (for her dancing of course), and no bracelets, necklaces or big rings, sometimes, ladies, it's okay to go without rings. J.Lo is proof of that, she didn't wear her wedding ring "because it didn't go with outfit". Very true, if you saw the dress you would understand, hey Princess Diana did the same thing. They understand the importance of accessorizing, although in J.Lo's case everyone screamed divorce, good grief. So that is that for today, tomorrow of course, more accessories!

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