Tuesday, March 8, 2011

31 Days of Selena Day 8

Day 8

Today we're talking about ponytails. Her two ponytails are probably one of the most famous hairstyles she's sported. Today we'll only talk about the curly ponytail. This is one is one of my favorite looks, and she wore it so well. Now I will admit, that when I was younger, like 11 years old, I didn't know any kind of beauty secrets except wash your face with Cetaphil and always moisturize. So when I saw her with this hairdo, I thought since she had middle of the back hair, that naturally, when she pulls her hair up it still falls to the middle of the back. Not really. That's the "illusion" she wanted you to see. So I thought this whole time up until a few years ago, that she had her hair in two parts, the ponytail and the rest down, which made sense looking at it, then I saw her perform with it, and was puzzled. Every time I saw her spin it was always one ponytail. So I did further investigation, and eureka (!) I found the hair piece, it's called the banana clip. Don't mind me, I'm slow, so sorry if you already knew about this. It's really simple, you pull your hair up into a ponytail, and clip it on. Boom there ya go. Easy enough for fashionistas an fans alike, but for Selena different story. Since she had such long hair, I'm imagining she had to make a bun, but not the kind I showed you yesterday (Day 7) but like the bun J.Lo had in the movie Selena (scene: "Como La Flor" goes to number 1). Pull the hair just far enough so it's still a ponytail but a bun, a ponybun! Then she would clip that sucker on and viola! The "Illusionist" got a hairpiece that was curly, because from experience, curly anything false hair related makes it look real. Which is what she was going for which is why I'm slow to figuring out her beauty/hair secret. I have a couple of wigs myself that are curly and people think they're real, because, it's curly! So there ya go. And you thought "Queen of Illusion" wasn't going to appear for a couple of days? Who are you fooling? Tomorrow straight ponytail! Costume Wigs

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