Tuesday, March 1, 2011

28 Influential African American Fashion Icons 23-28

Tina Turner

 LEGS LEGS LEGS LEGS!!! I'm only talking about the one and only, Tina Turner! The woman who has legs for days...well decades! The woman is 70 something young and her legs look that of a 20 year old. Even though we don't like him, and we will give credit to man behind the music, Ike Turner was the one that gave Tina the legs. Let me elaborate, from what I read he had this thing for Tarzan and Jane, it was his favorite movie, and he loved to look at Jane, so he had Tina show off her those hidden treasures of hers, and that look has become as legendary as she is. Before the "Tina" look she and her backup singers danced around in their Supreme dresses and gloves, but once the "Tina" looked was born, and with the help of the late 60s and 70s with the rock n roll and daring looks, and "how far can you go?" with the skirts, "Tina" was cemented as the fashion icon forever. Her energy, is limitless, she recently tour a little over two years ago worldwide (thanks to Sophia Loren) and she has no signs of slowing down. Tina wants to "retire" but thanks to her friends Sophia and Cher, that's not happening anytime soon, we're "rolling on the river" right with you girl!


If I put a symbol up you would know who I'm talking about. Prince, the genius, the purple one, the eccentric one, watch his videos, and you will see why he's a fashion icon, and he has this thing for purple. lol. 'Nuff said.

En Vogue

Paying homage to the movie "Sparkle" En Vogue made a hot sexy video to a song from the movie, "Giving Him Something He Can Feel", also sung by Aretha Franklin. This group is ever so chameleon like. They started off glam like, and rocked it up for "Free Your Mind", rocked the funky/rock look in "What It Gonna Be?", and sexed it up in "Whatta Man" with Salt-n-Peppa. These ladies are fierce, fly, and "funky divas".

New Edition

Boyz II Men got their name from a song they did, they were discovered, worked, and looked up to them, and New Kids On The Block were created to be the white version of them, (yes this is entirely true but nothing is better than the original :-)), New Edition literally inspired the groups after them, and even my beloved Backstreet Boys took some cues from them, and how could they not? Where B2M were the smooth groove group with their love ballads, NE was the smooth groove group with their up tempos and dancing. Please watch "If It Isn't Love" and "Hit Me Off" to understand where I'm coming from. That's not to say that they couldn't do some ballads and rip it, "Can You Stand the Rain" is one of them. And PLEASE let's not get it twisted! Destiny's Child were not the first group to; be a group go solo, be a group, and be a stepping song for Beyonce. New Edition had this down pat, they formed in 1978! They went solo in early 90s, Ralph Tresvant as a solo singer, of course Bobby Brown who had big success and Johnny Gill who was right behind and of course, Bell Biv Devoe, they came back, hit it big, again! And haven't broken up, still recording and touring, they're one of the few groups from back in the day still doing what they do.

Chaka Khan

"Chaka, Chaka, Chaka, Chaka Khan" What happens when you record a song Prince wrote, Melle Mel rap, keys and guitar by The System and legendary Stevie Wonder playing harmonica? You get a Grammy, which is what girlfriend, Chaka Khan got in 1985 for her hit (which Prince recorded on a 1978 album) in 1984, "I Feel For You". I have always liked the song and how can anyone just sit there and bob their head? It's hot! This woman is the hit singer! "I'm Every Woman (redone by the lovely Whitney), and of course "Tell Me Something Good". Her big hair and smile is as legendary as she is (like Tina and her legs). She's rocked it for decades and will continue to rock hair and all.

Michael Jackson

 Well it is the end of the month, and I started this Fashion Icons list with a Jackson and of course I'm going to have to end it with another one. The King of Entertainment, The King of Music, The Gloved One, Mr. Michael Jackson himself. At first he started of seemingly normal, afro, flower pants with brown vest and yellow shirt, that screamed 70s which fit with the decade, and then he donned the suits and preppy look, in his early 20s and towards the end of the 70s. But then there was a small album out by the name of "Thriller" an it changed everything. The famous red leather jacket, the sparkly white glove he first wore at Motown 25 premiering "Billie Jean" wearing his mother's sparkling cardigan. Nothing was ever the same again. At the end of the 80s he was wearing all black with black pants, black shirt, black leather jacket totally rockin' the "Bad" look from head to toe. Anything in the 90s he wore, was iconic. It would be weird even now, to see him as "normal" wearing a t-shirt and jeans, without the "Michael" look, I mean he just wouldn't be "Michael". Steve Harvey once said, that when he took him to church he "looked like the Nutcracker". He didn't have a normal church suit, but he wouldn't be Michael if he did. He was the King and dressed like one, who else could wear sequins from head to toe ("Rock With You") and not be considered weird or like some ppl say "that's so gay!", no one could rock that look and not be made fun of, only MJ could, only MJ could wear orange pants with a light blue shirt and a sequin jacket (This is It rehearsals) and it's normal. No one can rock it like the King, isn't that one of the reasons why he's the greatest?

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