Sunday, March 6, 2011

31 Days of Selena Day 6

Day 6

The "Queen of Illusion" is back yet again. So now we're going to talk about her makeup. Selena had a beautiful face and was a natural beauty. Actually, makeup was an insult to her beauty, because I really don't see why she wore makeup anyways, but I guess she had to put her "game face" on for the cameras and for the "Selena look" for when she was "on" for her "off" days she didn't wear makeup and wore sweats and tennis shoes. But since we're talking about her "game face" I'll reveal her secrets, hey Victoria (Secret) isn't the only one that can keep secrets. lol. So for Selena had nice lips, they were just right, but she wanted to make them fuller so she lined her lips with lip liner. The "Illusionist" wasn't satisfied with just lining her lips, she drew them over her lips. It's one thing to draw them on your lips, but quite another to draw them over. This made her lips look bigger, and since she didn't have a lip line she could do so without any worries (J.Lo knows all about this since she has a thin lip at the top and they had to use the same technique in the movie). Me, I can't draw lip liner on the outside of my lips because I have a lip line that stops me from doing that and it just wouldn't look right, besides, my lips are bigger than hers anyways.

The next secret revealed is, eyeliner. Now she wore classic makeup, no smokey eye here, her signature look was the red lips and thick eyebrows, if Sel opted for the smokey eye look or experimented with dramatic colors she would be pulling away from the "look" she's s famous for. Although, she did change her eye color a few times in the 80s that was when she was a teenager, and the "look" wasn't established yet, she was still finding her "look" at the time. Part of the "look" was the thick liquid eyeliner she drew on, she kind had the Marilyn Monroe eyeliner going on. If you look at her famous "Last Sitting" she drew her eyeliner on the way Selena would later. To complete the eyes she would have natural eyeshadow colors, earthy tones, and false eyelashes. Also the eyebrows, those thick long Frida Kahalo eyebrows. She would start deep at the beginning and gradually thin them out at the end. This is my favorite out of the "look" Selena created, because she did it so well. Since she was onstage, of course you first saw the gorgeous outfits she designed, made, and wore, then you saw her face, which you automatically saw thick eyebrows and red lips. When you have so much going on, with what you're wearing you don't need to have so much going on at the face.

 So many girls and female celebs wear dark dresses with dark makeup, most of them don't know how to wear makeup or what colors look best on them. Since Selena so famously wore her bustiers that had so many jewels and beads going on, and she had the long hair or the elaborate updos, the makeup and jewelry needed to be simple, which is what she did. Often she would wear either big hoops or very stylish short earrings, even if they wear dangly, they weren't hitting her her shoulders, and they weren't overpowering looking. To complete the "look" she had her beautiful long hair, but because she wanted to be a fashion designer, she studied it and knew what worked best with her with the help  I'm sure, from her mom and her sister, I'm sure the three of them worked together on helping the "look" be created. It wasn't until 1989 that Selena had transformed from a cute teenager to a beautiful young woman, if you look at Day 3, you will see the "look" in it's beginning stages of course it would later be complete with the long hair. And that ladies and gentlemen, and fashionistas, concludes Day 6 of Selena's fashion. Whew! That was a long one!

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