Wednesday, March 9, 2011

31 Days of Selena Day 9

Day 9

Yesterday (Day 8) I talked about hair, the curly ponytail, now I'm going to talk about the straight one. For some reason, it makes her look younger to me, maybe it's because I've seen girls wear it so much back in 1990. It's simple, pull the hair up clip on the ponytail, you're set to go. Sometimes though, Selena would sport bangs with it, was a rarity that she did, but when she did it was cool. Aside from that, my favorite look, well one of them, besides the curly ponytail (which I think is most people's favorites), is the sleek ponytail with big hoop earrings and the bun. I think this when she's the most prettiest, and for women in general. I think it shows the face more, especially when a woman wears makeup big hoop earrings an a sleek ponytail. Sometimes, ladies, we just need to show other women that it's not necessary to have crazy weaves and hair with pounds of makeup. A simple "Sade" look of ponytail, makeup and hoop earrings works well. And from what I hear guys love the look. I would try that look if I had longer hair. lol. Believe me, I will be getting some "Selena pieces" when I go to the hair store soon. :-)

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