Friday, March 18, 2011

31 Days of Selena Day 18

Day 18

It's no fun, but it will be a short post (well with my writing it might be longer, lol), vests. Yes I will be talking about Selena's vest, she didn't wear a lot of them, but her most famous (and probably her favorite one) is the silver vest she wore for the Amor Prohibido photoshoot and throughout the year of 1994. Unlike with her jackets, that she wore until she was 18 (1989) until she ripped off her jacket and started wearing bustiers, I don't think Selena favored vests. I have to agree with her, there's only so much you can do it. And it's not that fashionable. She would occasionally wear a vest onstage, with top underneath or just the vest by itself (Noche de Carnval 1994 w/Barrio Boyzz) but whatever she wore as you know she glammed it up and rocked it. I'm not a vest person, but I wouldn't mind "borrowing" hers, actually, I should just "borrow" her wardrobe shoes included of course. lol!




  1. the 1 from the strawberry festival is my fav!

  2. Kudos on the "Amor Prohibido" vest, which comes from my most favorite Selena photoshoot! :)