Friday, March 25, 2011

31 Days of Selena Day 22

Day 22



So I've been talking about the hair for a while and accessories, but I want to get back to clothing. Something near and dear to both of us. I want to talk about her clothing line. So today I will start with the most beautiful design and my personal favorite that she wore, the beautiful cream colored dress with big pearl necklace and earrings. Like I said yesterday (Day 21) I think she updated the look. This dress owns that one though. Classy at its best, Selena knwe style. I have to say she looked like a Fairy Princess in this dress. From what I can see the material is brocadee fabric, but that's from what I can see, and from what I remember, and if it is brocade fabric, bless the person that made it, because speaking from experience brocade fabric is an evil demon, and making a dress out of it, something beautiful, is a journey in itself. Of course it was designed by the lovely women, and it was reproduced and put in her boutique. GORGEOUS I might add, this is one of my most absolute FAVORITE dresses from her, and I was inspired to design a dress similar to this one. I love how it showed just enough skin, even though it's a classic look it has just the right amount of sex appeal, although I see this dress moer of classy, then the sexy-classy look.

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