Thursday, March 10, 2011

31 Days of Selena Day 10

Day 10

Again with the hair! lol. Okay so I'm going to talk about Selena's hair color, she didn't do anything drastic, it was once brown, then dark brown, although she did dye it jet black. I will talk about what colors can do, and what colors (and hair length) I liked most on her. Selena's natural hair color was dark brown, but she's known for her black hair, giving the full Latina effect. So when she was a young girl she had her natural hair color. But she was also a girl of the 80s, more like the teenager of the 80s and she liked to experiment like her sister and all girls across the country did. She did the crimping, the frying, the perming, the bangs, pretty much anything 80s hair, she did. Then for the "Ven Conmingo" cover shoot, she dyed her hair jet black the night before, and she got drops of black color on her face, hence, why the black and white photos. Great story! Ever since 1990 she's kept her hair black, although for "Bidi Bidi Bom Bom" video she had brown hair.

So when it comes to hair color there are colors that can wash you out, and colors that complement you. Selena having brown hair and dark brown hair complemented her and her skin tone. For her having black or jet black hair made her look even more Mexican. She was seen by her fellow Mexicanos and Chicanos, as a proud brown Mexicana, brown skin, black hair, curves, the whole nine. I heard from other Selena fans that they were proud to call their own, because at the time there were a lot of blonde haired green and blue eyed Mexicans on the magazines and in the media. Now had Selena would've gone crazy and dyed her hair the same color as her skin, there would've been issues. It washes out, and for her being onstage and under lights for a photoshoot, that would've been horrendous. Very few can do it well, but even then, there should be a law against it. The cinnamon brown color she sported, gave her a soft look. For the Agree photoshoot in 1994, gave her a softer look, especially with the curls. Even the reddish brown rinse she had in her first photoshoot with Agree Shampoo worked well for her.

The black hair color she wore often, made her look more Latina as I stated earlier. There are some fans that complain about Eva or J.Lo always wearing brown looking more "Americanized" and wanting for them to go back to their darker colors because it makes them look Latin. But for some black isn't always a good thing. There are some people that I've seen that dye their hair black and it's a very hard look for them. Case in point, when Janet was doing the "Rhythm Nation" phase she wore all black with jet black hair, and then she did her "janet" album with different shades of brown throughout her hair with curls, and it gave her a softer look. So if you're wanting to do colors, always ask a hairstylist what looks best, my good friend Jen, is my right hand when it comes to that. :-) But back to Selena, the colors she wore worked with her, and the hairstyle she sported were awesome. Three of my favorite looks for her were; the bun, the elaborate updo ("No Me Queda Mas") and the shoulder length hair, for some reason whenever I look at "Buenos Amigos" I just think of how classy and elegant she looks in that video. It's very hard to make her look bad, I take that back, she never did.


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