Wednesday, March 16, 2011

31 Days of Selena Day 16

Day 16

It's not the most interesting post, but I'll try. Selena had beautiful hands, she had fingers that I would say were "piano fingers", long and slender, and if she played piano, they would be perfect (I have the same kind of hands, lol, and yes I wanted to play piano to be like Joe Ojeda and dance behind the keys, he made playing piano so fun!) I would say she's 50/50 with her nails, 50% fake and the other 50% real. After all, she needed her nails to breathe, after acrylic and glue, and she was a smart cookie. After all, you don't want to wear acrylics 24/7 because you will get nail fungus, with your nails getting so soft that if you accidentally scrape your nails, you're taking off the layers (it's happened to me before, although I didn't wear acrylics just glue on nails for two weeks.) The best thing to do is to wear it for only two weeks, let your nails heal for the other two or at least three to where they are strong again, and even then, all you want to do is to have a clear polish on them and that should be about it. Although, if she were here today I could see her sporting light pinks, (which is what I have on), it's almost a beige color, a soft light airy pink, beige, and deep dark reds. She did wear red polish sometimes, and the other nail style she wore, was the oval shaped, which is how natural nails grow. A beauty secret, if you wear polish especially red, they make your nails look longer. Selena's nails looked longer when she had the square shaped nails with red polish. Polish also helps your nails grow, I have my nail style like hers, square and I'm wearing a light pink and my nails look longer thank a week before.

Now for Selena's stage appearance and photoshoots (well most of them anyways) she wore the acrylics, but sometimes she hurt herself (which I've seen twice), a band aid wrapped around a false nail (Astrodome 95 and I'm having a major brain freeze right now, I just saw it on youtube the other day where there was another performance and she had a band aid on). I think she did what I did, if the nail popped off, she would wrap the band aid on it really tightly. lol. For the most part, all the way until 1989, she wore her own nails (mainly because she was young kid for the earlier part, lol), and from 93 and on up to the time of her death, although she did wear her real nails in case she couldn't get to her boutique to get them done. lol. Suzy (her sister, Suzette) was right, she did create a boutique to pamper herself, oh yeah and also because she loved to design and was a fashion designer, lol. She mainly wore the square cut, which is straight across, no oval shaped, and mainly clear nail polish, sometimes red, never any crazy colors.  For me I think if she couldn't get to her boutique and if she could, she would glue on false nails, Lord knows I wore many of them, and people thought I got them professionally done, yet the were $3.50 at Wal-Mart, lol. And yes I did start wearing fake nails at the age of 11, thanks to Selena. :-) Luckily, for me, my nails grow just as long as Selena's-false nails I might add (7th picture). :-)

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