Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Best of the Grammys 2011

I know I'm a month late, BUT I've been sick, and school, and working, and friends visiting out of town is my excuse for not blogging about the Grammy's. But as CRAZY as it was and how thisclose it's becoming to the MTV awards, both technically and fashionably, I have to blog because that's what I do as a fashionista/fashion designer, so here goes!

Of course first and foremost, the Diva Lopez, Ms. J.Lo herself. Jen Lo was wearing Pucci or lack thereof lol and of course her man's shoes, no not Marc, Christian! Louboutin that is to complete the ensemble. My Diva was looking fierce as usual, with the attitude and confidence to match. My only thing is, well two things are; the length and the length of the hair. Now she has great legs, she's not known for great legs like Mariah or Beyonce is, but Jen's got legs. The dress was WAYUPTHERE for my taste, I would've brought the hemline down an inch or an inch an a half. The hair. It reminds me of Cousin It for some reason. I think because there's no love there. If the ends had been curled I could deal with that, but it's just there. I would've had the length stop at the top of the bust and curl or if she didn't want curls, just have it straight cut, but I've seen that look one too many times, but other than that, Diva was on point.

Who says wings are just for the Victoria's Secret models? Katy Perry donned a pair when she wore an Armani Prive creation, with a mermaid tail, a jewel encrusted bustier. Hey it was the day before Valentine's day and she's with her new hubby, so what if she wears angel wings? She has the face of an angel after all. The skirt added to the mermaid effect, and it looked beautiful on her. There were some people talking about this dress, and how silly the wings were, but if Gaga and Niki can look crazy and out there, why can't Katy have her fun too? She rocked it well, do your thing!

Jennifer Hudson in Versace. J-Hud is on point with the trend for this season, short in the front, long in the back, for hemlines that is. It's the mullet, but in dress form. And it has been on the runway, so it'll be here for awhile. The colors worked and the hint of silver on the bodice worked well with the dark colors from the trim on the bodice, and her hair looks great, J-Hud gets it right again. Not to mention those shoes are bomb!

Miranda Lambert in Edition by George Chakra and jewelry NSR Nina Rundsdorf. She's so cute and adorable here, but don't let that fool you, have you heard that song "Gunpowder and Lead"? Just because she's country doesn't mean she can't pack a punch. This for me though, is kind of conservative, seeing the short dress she wore onstage performing "Way The World Goes Around" late last year at the CMAs, but she looks good here.

I have to say I was surprised to see Kelly Osbourne in such a light color and very girly. Here she's wearing a   lavender crinkle silk chiffon hand cut floral one shoulder dress from designer Tadashi Shoji. It's very girly, and flirty, and her hair color gives it a soft look. It may rub some the wrong way, but I like it, an don't think because Kelly has lost the weight and a softer Kelly has emerge that she still isn't that fiesty firecracker, she's still there, hiding under the ruffles somewhere. lol.

Mya is wearing a beautiful strapless gown by Jean Fares Couture and the jewelry is by Miriam Haskel. I think she looks absolutely beautiful here, and it appears she's gained a little weight which is great, because it looks good on her. She did everything right, she kept the makeup, hair, and jewelry simple because there is a lot going on with this gown but it's beautiful nonetheless and she is just a beauty in it.

I'm a bit confused here. At the actor's awards like Golden Globes and the SAGs she gets it wrong, but at the music awards she gets it right. Nicole Kidman is wearing a beautiful floral strapless gown by Jean Paul Gaultier. Her hair is 1940s and everything else is simple letting the dress speak for itself. So what is up with the stringy bangs and plain hairstyles? Why does she do well here but not at the awards show where it really does matter? Hmm? She's has a good rap sheet for being a best dressed, but lately she's been off. Hopefully she'll keep it up, because I like to see what she wears.

This is just the coolest and flyest dress I've seen in a while, Keri Hilson is wearing a Basil Soa dress from Fall 2010 couture collection and this color on her look fab! She's young and the dress fits her, totally age appropriate. I'm loving this look. Although the hair could be a shade darker, because it does make her look washed out but other than that, this dress and those shoes are bomb!

Natasha Bedingfield look so AMAZING in this dress! She had the cute 1940s pinup hairdo going on and the makeup was minimal with the jewelry while letting the dress speak for itself. I love everything about it, I just wish I knew who the designer was! Aah!

Willow was totally rockin' the 70s flair, and she's doing it well. The colors, the hair, and the 1970s inspired platform tennis shoes are straight up 70s, this girl can do no wrong. She's a cute kid, and her her wardrobe shows it, she's going to be a force to be reckoned with in fashion, and I can't wait.

Kristine Elezaj is stunning in this dress! I LOVE it! And that's all I'm going to say, nothing else.

Eva Longoria is wearing a fabulous black and white Ashi dress with Sergio Rossi clutch and a Brian Atwood shoes. She is one of my favorites, and she's rocking her version of Black Swan, pretty much if Natalie could wear it, I could see her wearing this dress. lol. But Eva Diva, is fabulous! Do your thing girl!

Of course I have to finish this blog with the lovely Heidi Klum, who I just absolutely love. Heidi is glowing in this gold Julien Macdonald gown. The split is one thing, but the back is quite another! If there's one thing Heidi LOVES to do is to show off her back, and what a beautiful one it is. Forever the supermodel, she is always daring and such a risk taker and it once again she took a risk and I think it paid off.

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  1. i liked the dress jennifer lopez wore, but i agree, just a tad longer wouldve been better. i also liked jennifer hudson and kelly osbournes dresses. short in front and long in back (jennifer) reminded me of dresses selena wore!