Thursday, March 31, 2011

31 Days of Selena Day 30

Day 30

In March 30, 1995 two things happened, Selena spent her last full day with her family and announced to her family that she was planning to start her own with her very cute husband, Chris Perez. The second which is near and dear to me, Celine Dion was born on this day in 1968 (happy birthday!)  So since this was her last full day on earth, I thought I would talk about her last photoshoot. Also, the last song she recorded, "Puede Ser" in one take in her two-bedroom home, she recorded in mid-March is on this blog today.

Well Selena lost her luggage, and had to make do with the clothes she had, 2 jackets and a pinstripe suit. And of course it looked like it was planned, not by accident. Who would've thought that she lost a luggage of clothes? These were of course her designs, and she looked ever so beautiful in them, and very relaxed. The first jacket she's wearing is the blue jacket. With beautiful gold embroidery trim and at the bottom of the jacket. The second jacket is colorful and spunky like her personality, bright, happy and playful colors. I think this jacket completely describes who Selena was a person, with the colors and designs on the jacket, it has a child-like innocence feel to it, which is what Selena was like. The third and last one is my favorite. The pinstripe suit, this is the same suit that has the cut out in the back. She looks very sexy but yet again,very classy. Talk about a new way to spin a suit! This suit made it's first debut in January of 1995 at the Hard Rock Cafe San Antonio opening. As you can tell, Selena always did things with a twist. I mean who would've thought of turning a colorful and busy print into a jacket? And the thing is is that this is not just a jacket, but a business jacket. If you can find a way to look past the colors of the 2nd jacket, you will see that this is actually a business jacket, more of a blazer type, but when you first see it you don't think it. Oh and you though the "Illusionist" stopped making appearances? Come on now, who are you fooling?

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