Saturday, March 5, 2011

31 Days of Selena Day 5

Day 5

"Queen of Illusion" has graced our presence, yet again. This picture taken in 1990 when Selena was 19, is a beautiful bustier. This is an actual bustier, not the "Selena bustiers" where she had her bras and decorated them. So looking at this picture the first thing I see are jewels. It draws you to her bust, because it's the one thing that stands out. Then the rest of the jewels are placed and it draws you to the arch of the jewels at the bottom which leads you to the big belt which makes her hip looks a little wider. Because of the belt being so big and the arch of the jewels at the bottom make her waist look smaller, and the jewels on the bust make her look fuller at the top and give that hour glass look which she loves so much. All in all, she's using the grid system the artists use  in their work. Lol. The grid system, is what the artists wants you to see first and draws your eye to it and then you see the rest of their work. Which is what Selena has lovely done. She draws you to the bust, then towards the bottom. And this is what happens when you take Color Theory at school. lol.

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