Saturday, February 26, 2011

28 Influential African America Fashion Icons 15-22

Bill Cosby

So I think it's safe to say that women across the world are jealous of Bill Cosby, one word; sweaters! Why is it that we don't have fashionable sweaters like that? Ever since "The Cosby Show" aired in 1984 he has been wearing the most innovative sweaters known to man, and I know for a fact that he helped the sweater industry. I will say we have our cute, cowl sweaters, sweater dresses, turtleneck sweaters etc, but do you see designs like Bill's on women's sweaters? Don't think so. My favorite one has to be the track sweater (mainly because I wanted to be a track runner), but it's just so cool, how can you not like Bill Cosby?


Crazy (Left Eye R.I.P.), Sexy (Chilli), Cool (T-Boz) better known as TLC, exploded onto the music scene in 1992,with their spray painted brightly colored, condom clothing. They stood for safe sex, feminism, and of course they were take no mess kind of girls straight out of the ATL. The one thing that fans loved about them, is that they stayed true to themselves, even though they grew from girls into women and were sexy at times, they remained true to themselves. Despite the loss of of everyone's favorite rapper, Lefteye, they remain one of the most beloved girl groups of all time.

Toni Braxton

Toni Braxton is one of the few ladies of the "Quiet Storm" genre, she ranks high up on the list with Sade and Anita Baker. Her signature cropped cut, and cropped belly tops with a sensual voice and beautiful looks made her an instant favorite. Her catalog of music is timeless and brings back memories for those (like myself) who grew up listening to her. Not to mention, girlfriend still got it going on.

Sidney Portier

"THEY CALL ME MISTER TIBBS!!!" that line will always be the line associated with him. Oscar winner, Sidney has paved the way and inspired many actors following him. Sidney is smooth as butter, watch any of his movies and you'll see what I'm talking about, and the slap heard around the world, in "In the Heat of The Night" he carried himself with such poise, suave, and elegance, he is one of the last few of the "gentlemen" era and I personally put him up there with Harry Belafonte, Denzel, Gregory Peck and Cary Grant.

Whitney Houston

I used to swear that her and Celine Dion were opera singers. Her voice is that of classical and churchness combined. She can do just the right amount of runs, and the ooss and ahhss. Over 120 mil sold, she has remained classy but still hip an fun.

M.C. Hammer

I know I know, it's M.C. Hammer, but who wasn't wearing those pants? Who wasn't trying to do the dance moves like him? Ladies, who didn't wear the bustiers, with tight pants or biker shorts with black shoes? We all know this was the style, and everyone was trying to "do legit the quit". Ever since then, they have been been a trend in fashion. Don't try and be like Hammer in his cartoon show jump off the roof with them, it wouldn't work. lol.

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