Friday, April 29, 2011

29 Days of Kate Middleton Day 29 THE BIG DAY!


Alexander McQueen designed this BEAUTIFUL dress, very reminiscent of Grace Kelly's dress which was shown earlier on Day 2. She looked amazing, Prince Harry was even amazed by her beauty, which is why he whispered to his brother  to get ready for the vision that she is (although not in those exact words, lol). It's very Renaissance, and very Victorian, very romantic. It was just long enough, just big enough, everything was just perfect. Prince Harry and sister, Phillippa (Pippa for short) did a good job of being best man and maid of honor. The kids were adorable, the HATS were beautiful. The wedding was very fairytale, but simple, much like Kate and William are. Of course I can't stop smiling I'm so over the moon for them! Here's to the best!

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  1. Harry said "Wait til you see her" to William