Wednesday, April 6, 2011

29 Days of Kate Day 6

Day 6
So Kate doesn't do much of sparkles, but looked fabulous in the picture above, the dress is short, very short, and shows off her legs. The only problem with this look is the boots, I'm all about boots, but for this dress she should've worn strappy high heels, open toe, pumps (patent of course) or sling back, or a combination of both (sling back open toe heels). The belt isn't that bad, but it's not needed, her hair of course looks great, but the shoes are the only thing. Maybe she thought by wearing this short of dress she should wear knee high boots as to not come across too revealing. But if that were the case the dress should've been 1/2-2inches longer. But then again Victoria Beckham can wear a dress this short with heels and there's no problem, but she's not Victoria. It was almost a do with this outfit, but because of the boots it's a don't. Keep that in mind.

Day 6-Royal Wedding-Princess Marie Cavallier May 24, 2008

Princess Marie Cavallier of Denmark is wearing a beautiful long sleeve wedding gown. It's simple but beautiful. The gown is a 19th century inspired haute couture gown, with Calais lace with flower patterns in satin stitch. The beautiful V-neckline dress is off-white and lined with ivory silke faille. It's beautifully laced with embrodiery and the veil goes ON AND ON. The gown was designed by designers David Arasa and Claudio Morelli from the house of Arasa Morelli. It's very antique looking but very romantic, and she looked very beautiful on that day. *I'm changing the title to Royal Weddings instead of Princesses, fyi. :-)

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