Monday, April 25, 2011

29 Days of Kate Middleton Day 24

Day 24
I am SO loving all this Royal love! Although so many specials at one time can be so mind boggling at time. lol. Although I'm not a fan of the skirt, from the waist up everything works! Of course the hat, is so adorable, the blazer is tailored and works well on her. Although I am surprised her hair isn't in the most beautiful curls that it's normally in, but I'll let it slide. I'd give it a B+ almost there but not quite.

*Day 24 Royal Wedding Marie-Louise de Parma 1765
So this is the wedding dress of my dreams! It's so beautiful! Can you believe she's only 13! She married her cousin Charles IV of Spain ng gown, at age 13!  Granddaughter of Louis XV, she married her cousin,  Charles IV of Spain in 1765.  Her gown is lightly colored and layered, with soft pinks, floral greens and ivory. Like Prince's song, "Diamonds and Pearls" she had a combination of both to showcase her status. Not only that but she wears a bracelet with a miniature portrait of her betrothed on it, aww how sweet!

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