Tuesday, April 5, 2011

29 Days of Kate Middleton Day 5

Day 5

So today I'm going to talk about Kate Middleton's neckline. When she wears a beautiful gown or short dress, she goes for the V-neckline. This is is a sexy neckline and if worn it right, it can be sexy-classy. Ankle-length, right below the knee or right above the knee is the classy way to go about it. Kate being who she is did it right (again!). The first is a VERY low plunging V-neckline  with long sleeve and right above the knee hemline. Of course her being Prince William's girlfriend (at the time) it was considered daring, but if anyone else wore it or if she wasn't a dating a royal there wouldn't be a big hoopla about it. It's very Marilyn-esque. She wore a dress that had a neckline that stop right above her navel, at the time, back in the 1950s it was considered too sexy and revealing, but you have to look at both of these dresses. Although Marilyn's neckline was very low (and her split very high), the "girls" were covered, nothing was hanging out on either sides. Kate's dress is a longsleeve, so besides the legs, this was was the only skin you saw.

The second dress is BEAUTIFUL, and sexy although it's not a typical V cut it's defitnitely a plunger, but she looks so beautiful in it, and the other skin that's showing are her arms. It's an ankle length dress, in a very beautiful gray, and she just wears it so beautifully. Of course the most famous V-neckline cut out of the three is the blue wrap dress she wore from designer, Issa, who also designed the ankle length dress above. Long sleeve, sexy but more classy than anything, with the long sleeve and "royal" blue, I can't tell you how much of a favorite this is for me. Just flawless no other words.

*Day 5 Princess Wedding-Queen Victoria February 10, 1840
Queen Victoria has ones of the most beautiful wedding dresses I've seen. She is also the first to wear white. Before then, the wedding dress color was...black! I know crazy! Queen Victoria set the tone for the rest of the wedding dresses from then on up to now, for the traditional color of white. Although some have opted for a pink, or beige, or even dark red, white, has stood the test of time. Thank you, Queen Victoria.

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