Tuesday, April 12, 2011

29 Days of Kate Middlton Day 11

Day 11

Another great look from Kate. She looks fabulous here. A printed knee-length flowy dress with a 3/4 quarter sleeve length blazer and black clutch with black heels. This look is one of my favorites from her, it's simple, but classy. And the hat! I LOVE her hats, she wears these cute little danity hats that are so beautiful and so beautifully made. There is so much artwork that goes into her beautiful hats. And of course there are the wide rim hats she also wears from time to time. Kate never fails at being so classy.

*Day 11 Royal Wedding-Queen Rania of Jordan June 10, 1993

Queen Rania of Jordan, is one of the most stylish women of royalty. Her wedding dress was beautiful! This beautiful gown was designed by the wonderful Lebanase designer, Elie Saab. If you haven't looked up on her you should because, oh my gosh she's a fashionista! She has such style and beauty. She could've been a model if she wanted to, Lord knows she has a the looks and the style to be one. Her and Kate Middleton are my absolute favorite royal fashion icons of today.

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