Saturday, April 9, 2011

29 Days of Kate Middleton Day 9

Day 9

Kate is obviously a casual girl, a casual girl that can dress to the nines when needed to. Even though I consider her a fashionista, she's a fashionista of a different kind, the casual but chic girl. She may not wear heels every day (Victoria Beckham) or look constantly stylish (J.Lo) but she's the cool, relaxed, casual chic kind. She knows what works for her figure, and what looks good and what doesn't look good. She always looks comfortable in her clothing and with the media on her 24/7 she's doing a good job. Yet again, simplicity at it's best, a short sleeve buttoned up print shirt, tucked in with straight leg jeans, drop earrings and her of course her favorite bag, and flats. Simple.

*Day 8 Royal Wedding-Princess Mary of Denmark May 14, 2004
I think this wedding dress is cute. I know that wedding dresses are supposed to beautiful and elegant, but the pleating of the gown resembles to me petals of a flower which make it cute in my eyes. The gown was designed by Danish designer Uffe Frank and it's a great balance of old fashioned and modern.

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