Sunday, April 3, 2011

29 Days of Kate Middleton Day 3

Day 3

I absolutely love this coat and so does Kate! She's worn it with her handsome Prince before, and it's a fabulous coat! It is fitted at the waist, and flares out from the hips. This silhouette gives it more of a dress look then a coat, or you could call it a coat dress. I would wear it as one, actually I have worn a coat as a coat dress before, who knew the difference? The color is white, which makes it all year round. White, camel, and black, are all colors that you can wear year round. Once again Kate gets it right, but then again she hardly EVER gets it wrong.

*Day 3 Princess Wedding-Princess Letizia Ortiz May 22, 2004
Princess Letizia, was married on May 22, 2004, and while this wedding dress wasn't anything spectacular, it was still beautiful. The embroidery at the bottom and the V-neck cut neckline on the dress is pretty. Although, her wedding dress was no Grace Kelly or Princess Diana, she can dress! She wore this BEAUTIFUL red strapless dress with a a red long sleeve capelet. She often dresses in bold colors, and shows off her legs in arms, opting the modern look of a princess instead of the matronly look from the older generation.

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