Thursday, April 14, 2011

29 Days of Kate Middleton Day 14

Day 14
There's red, and then there's bright red, and then there's power red making a bold statement, and Kate did just that. The BEAUTIFUL and in your face bright power red skirt suit she wore when she and her Prince went to St. Andrews where they first met. This skirt suit is slammin'! And she wears her favorite knee high boots (Day 7 and Day 6), black leather gloves and black turtleneck with a black clutch. The cute black bow belt with the black buttons going down the middle make for a great contrast. Obviously both are glowing because of the signifance of the school. Yet again, another A+!

*Day 14 Royal Wedding-Princess Sophie Rhys Jones June 19, 1999
Looking like she could be Princess Diana's sister, Princess Sophie Rhys Jones has often been compared to the wonderful Princes Diana, so Kate isn't the only one, getting comparisons. This wedding dress is nice, if you ask me though I think it's very matronly on her, she looks young and should dress the part, not that of a 25 year old but in the 30s age group. It would benefit her greatly.

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