Saturday, April 23, 2011

29 Days of Kate Middleton Day 23

Day 23
Now people may call this country, but I think it's very down under, I mean the hat is so Aussie! The whole look is very Aussie in my opinion. But she's rockin it as usual, no big deal there. She knows what works, and she does it well. But seriously can you believe it? 6 more days until the BIG DAY! I know she's nervous, THE WORLD is on pins and needles! I can't wait to see that dress!

*Day 23 Royal Wedding Caroline Kennedy July 19, 1986
I know I know, she's not an official royal because in America we don't have that, BUT she was the daughter of a great American President and her mother was like our American Princess. The world saw the First Lady and President Kennedy as the American Royals, so I figured since she's the first and only daughter of the two, she's the "royal" daughter besides it's my blog and I can do what I want! lol.. I'm not a fan of this particular style but the dress is so cute! It has shamrocks on the bodice and veil which is homage to her Irish roots, which I'm sure her dad and granddad would've been proud of. Her hair and makeup is done simple, letting the shamrocks speak for itself. lol. She did it her own way, just like her parents. And they're still happily married, which will be Kate and William :-)

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