Thursday, April 14, 2011

29 Days of Kate Middleton Day 13

Day 13
Like I said earlier and I think a lot of people know this, is that Kate is a country girl, much like Wills, and keeps her style of dressing simple and casual. Here is another example. A printed sleevless v-neckline flowy dress shows her simplicity of style. Her favorite white bag, and her white drop earrings go wel with this look along with the flat low heels. Kate isn't much of a risk taker, but I have feeling if she starts to wear Victoria Beckham her style might change somewhat. Victoria Beckham's beautiful clothing line is classic, and hip, but also a little on the daring side, if you're country girl from Buckleberry. Aside from her hats, the design, detail, and architectural like work that is in some of Victoria's clothing line, this will be a good step for her.

*Day 13 Royal Wedding-Queen Mary 1893

When Queen Mary married in 1893, she had the look that was common of the Victoria Era. The bustle and corset underneath the dress was VERY popular for that time. I have seen pictures of her, and she could dress, and it also helps that I am very much into any retro or vintage, and my I love fashion dating all the way back to the 1700s lol. This is a beautiful dress, and my future wedding dress will have the similar shiloutte from that time, but don't tell my future my husband. :-)

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