Saturday, April 2, 2011

29 Days of Kate Middleton Day 2

Day 2

Now this is for you ladies who don't like to dress up and wear heels but still want to look cool and chic. This outfit is so simple, skinny jeans, flat knee-high boots,  scoop necktank top and a cardigan. If you wear this you won't be seen as dull or boring, don't listen to the short wearing skirt, boobs popping out girls. TRUST me! I know some and they think this style of dressing boring, it's very cool, casual, and like I said chic. Hoop earrings and a big bag, like the one Kate is wearing completes the look, and it's something to throw on and go, without fretting over whta to wear. I like this side of Kate, yes she is definitely a fashionista, but the casual side, seen here is fabulous too. Cool and relaxed.

*Day 2 Princess Wedding-Princess Grace April 18, 1956

This BEAUTIFUL dress worn by the ever so beautiful Grace Kelly, was made by MGM designer, Helen Rose, contrary to what MANY people thought she would pick good friend, costume designer for Paramount, Edith Head. This wedding dress is classic like, the lady in it, and very romantic. Lace is hard to wear without looking like a grandmother, but true to form, Princess Grace made ANYTHING look more beautiful then it already was. This is what set trends with lace and taffeta for wedding dresses. The gown not only had antique Valenciennes rose phase lace, but also 25 yards of silk taffeta and 98 yards of tulle, the gown was accompanied with a veil covered with appliqu├ęd ribbons lovebirds and a lot of seed pearls. Hmm I wonder is this where Princess Diana got hints for her wedding dress? I mean like I said before, did you see that train? She stil inspires women today, Nicole Richie had a Grace Kelly inspired wedding dress, and it was GORGEOUS! I LOVE IT! Created by Marchesa, who is a favorite of J.Lo's and mines as well. :-)

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