Monday, February 21, 2011

28 Influential African-American Fashion Icons 8-14

Halle Berry

Halle Berry has the perfect figure, she is the epitome of beauty. She is known for her classic short pixie cut, which I think after Toni Braxton, she made extremely popular. She has the face of an angel, and the perfect face for any length. Whether, it's short, shoulder-length, curly, or wavy, this Oscar winner looks great with any hair style. Not only that, but she's a fabulous dresser! She's knows how what works with her figure, an shows it off well, without ever coming off as trying to hard.

Donna Summer

The Queen of Disco, beautiful brown skin, big beautiful black hair. She had famous hits like, "Hot Stuff", "On The Radio", "Last Dance", "Bad Girls", and "She Works Hard for the Money". Not only was she known for those hits and the big hair, but she was known for wearing sexy and revealing outfits showing off those beautiful legs. Whenever there is a 70s Disco party, she's the main one women choose to be.

Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks, former model and former talk show host, and creator of America's Next Top Model, she helped pave the way for today's generation of black aspiring models. She also helped break boundaries being the first black model on the cover of Sports Illustrated, and gracing the cover three times. The third wearing the same itty bitty polka dot bikini she wore for her second cover (1997) in 2007 which she looked oh so fabulous in.

She's always daring, and takes risks with her fashion, and even though some of her hairstyles and looks are questionable at times, she still works it with fun and confidence.

Phyllis Hyman

When people think of the women's fashion of the 80s they think of power suits, with big shoulder pads, big hair and heavy makeup. Phyllis Hyman fit right in that category and wore the look extremely well. She was a voluptuous and powerful looking woman, and she wore those big shoulder pads, Sunday church hats and heavy makeup beautifully. She exuded confidence and sexuality in the only way she knew how, and it worked very well for her. Helping pave the way for future voluptuous women like; Queen Latifah, Jennifer Hudson, and Monique, that being big is sexy.

P. Diddy

Puffy, Puff Daddy, P. Diddy, or Diddy whatever name he feels like going by these days can dress to the nines. The hip-hop mogul, can dress like he's from the streets, preppy, or in 3 piece suits rockin' the bling very much like his friend, Jay-Z. His love for fashion and flair went a step further when he debuted his Sean John line in 1998. Anything a fashion designer does, Diddy has done, helping make hip-hop look cool and glam.

Denzel Washington

Denzel Washington, one of the most handsomest man in Hollywood. Always on point with his style of dressing, not only that but it is proven that he has the perfect face. No, seriously, it has been said and proven that his features are spaced just right, and everything is in proportion. Not only is the Oscar winner a great actor, but he is also the spokesman for the Boys and Girls Club which he was a member of growing up, in love with his wife of 27 years, making him even more handsome *sighs*

Boyz II Men

 Boyz II Men are the smoothest fliest group of R&B. They burst onto scene in 1991 with their album "Cooleyhighharmony" (which I was so happy to witness), their insane harmonies had all the girls melting. Their style of dressing, impeccable. And even though their older now, they still dress with style. I have to admit it's refreshing to see a group still dress cohesively, while other groups stopped dressing the same, they still do. Giving that old school, Temptations vibe. B2M still got it going on after 20+ years in the biz, and they're not going anywhere. Maybe they should change their name to, The Smooth Groove Boyz.


  1. aww this is a nice article about u guys.

  2. Did you seriously just use the term "you guys" to refer to black people in the year 2011!?

  3. Naomi, maybe she meant Boyz II Men? Maybe she's a Boyz II Men fan? I am following them on twitter.