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My top 10 Fashion Ladies of all time

So as of now I'm reading about the two of the classiest ladies of all time, Princess Diana and Jacqueline Kennedy the book is called Diana and Jackie Maidens, Mothers, and Myths by Jay Mulvaney which is a very good book by the way. And I thought I should come up with a list of the 10 of the fashionable ladies of all time, some of who happen to be my fashion icons and inspirations. The asterisk are who inspired me to design. And in no particular order I might  add. So let's start!

  1. Grace Kelly 
Oh the lovely, elegant and ever so graceful, Grace Kelly. Former model, actress, and a real life Princess. Grace Kelly started her acting career at 20. She debuted her lovely presence in 1951 with her "14 Hours" although it was a small part, Grace won the crowd over with her beauty. Famous movie costume designer, Edith Head, designed the most beautiful and elegant clothing for Grace, which she wore so effortlessly and wonderfully on screen as well as white gloves, (Grace always wore) for her daughter. The famous white dress with the diamond necklace that she wore in "To Catch a Thief" costarring, Cary Grant in 1955, is a signature Grace Kelly look that has been copied numerous times since it debuted on screen. Her classic beauty, and her impeccable style has kept her known world wide as one of the most stylish and classiest icons of all time.

    2. Audrey Hepburn *

     The big eyes, dark thick eyebrows, pixie hair cut, and cute nose and mouth, is that of Audrey Hepburn. The 5'7 Belgian beauty made her first breakthrough role in the 1953 Roman Holiday with the handsome, Gregory Peck, and winning an Oscar the following year of it's release. I always said she won an Oscar for being who she was, how could you not award her for being so charming and lady like? She and best friend, Givenchy were the dynamic duo of fashion. She forever popularized the pillbox hat (first designed by Halston), and made, ballet flats, gloves, and knee length skirts forever a popular staple of fashion. But of course it was the beautiful long black dress designed by Givenchy for the opening scene of 1961, Breakfast At Tiffany's that cemented her forever as one of the fashion icons of all time. Even the lovely, Natalie Portman posed in her dress on the cover of Bazaar which she did so wonderfully. It's amazing to think that only for three minutes did that dress forever cement her as a global fashion icon.

    3. Jacqueline Kennedy *

     There were only a few fashion First Ladies before her, but she is the one, the only one that has done it right and still remains the only fashionable First Lady. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, referred to as either Jackie Kennedy or Jackie O. for short always had taste in clothes even before she married a then Senator at the time, John F Kennedy. When she became first lady, she became the most watched, and one of the most photographed woman of all time. And never once did she disappoint. Once in a while, one of my favorite singers or actress will wear something that I don't like, or I'll look at them like they were crazy for wearing an insane outfit, but not with Jackie Kennedy, not once out of her 1000 days of being a 1st lady or until her death in May of 1994 did she ever wear something that made me question, why. She just got it right time and time again. She moved so gracefully, when she entered the room everyone stopped and gawked. She had aura of mystery, she had a sweet smile, and had ballerina like way of carrying herself. There was something very radiant about her. There will never be another Jackie O., contrary to what some have said.

    4. Princess Diana *

    Much like Jackie O. when she walked on the world center stage in 1981, everyone watched. The camera wasn't in love with her, nor was it obsessed with her, the camera was possessed by her. It's easy to see why. Yes, she was "Shy Di" at the time of her engagement and for throughout most of the early 80s. Unlike Jackie O. who was born with style. Diana grew into it, and she was not exempt from the horrid fashion of the 80s, although I will admit she did it well, but still the 80s was mean to everyone. It wasn't until 1990 that we saw a new Diana emerged, seen as a "rebel" from the Royal family, she wore her emotions on her sleeve, literally, she dressed to suit her mood as well as to the work she was doing, and the countries and places she was visiting to. Who can forget that sexy, "revenge" LBD dress she wore when her husband admit to cheating? She showed him and the world that she was a fierce fashion diva, and a force to be reckon with. Although the press hounded her to her death, she's still as present as ever, especially with upcoming nuptials of her future daughter-in-law, Kate Middleton, who I assume not only has good fashion sense naturally, but also looks up to her late future mother-in-law. I mean how can you not?

      5. Kate Middleton

      The future Princess Catherine Middleton for now known as Kate Middleton is young, beautiful, classy, and above all fashionable. She like her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana, gets it right and knows how to wear clothes. From what I've seen her wear, I like it all. She knows how to carry herself, the signature brown locks are always on point, and her hats!!! Princess Diana wore hats, and I mean BIG hats in the 80s and early 90s, and now Kate is wearing hats. Although they're not the big wide brimmed like Diana wore, these hats are cute, dainty, and have such intricate detail in their design, and she wears it so well. The world like it did before in 1981, are holding their breaths to see the big day of the Royal Wedding on April 29, 2011. She's done well so far which is credit from help from fiancee and of course videos of her late mother-in-law, and I have to say, she's done very well so far, the world will be watching.

      6. Natalie Portman

      Now here is someone I really like, Natalie Portman. She reminds me of Audrey Hepburn, tall, smart, dark looks, a great actress, and has a wardrobe I would give my left arm for. Like Audrey, she was a dancer, which, earlier on this list, Princess Diana, Jacqueline Kennedy, which helps her move so gracefully across the red carpet. It's rare to find a lady of her caliber, in in today's Hollywood.Not only is she a great actress but she is a very sweet young lady. She knows what works best for her; her hairstyles are never out of control, she never wears too much makeup or too much jewelry, she like the previous ladies, get it right, which is rare, especially in today's time and in Hollywood. The world is in love, and how can you not fall in love with that face?

      7. Eva Longoria

      Eva "Diva" Longoria. She's a saucy, hot, Mexicanita from Corpus Christi (nice place by the way). She may be 5'2 but she packs a lot of punch for someone her size. She knows what works best on her frame, and totally works with the curves that she has. She knows she's a sexy vixen and totally plays it well. On the red carpet, she wins every time, in magazines, TV appearances, and even in her downtime she does it well. I have to say there isn't a time where she looks bad. My favorite look of hers is when she's just casual Eva with little or no makeup she's a natural beauty with great fashion sense, what can I say?

      8. Jennifer Lopez *

      Now we're on to my Diva, my Fashion Diva Goddess, Ms. Jennifer Lopez a.k.a. JLo. She is a risk taker when it comes to fashion, but she always does it well. If I could live in her closet, I would be the happiest person in the world. Since her album debuted in 1999, the world has watched this Diva rise from an unknown actress, to a global singer, actress, and entrepreneur, there is nothing she can't do. Although some of her choices in outfit (VMAs 2006 and Fashion's Night Out 9-2010) were a WTF moment to some, she stands by her look. Besides, that's what fashion is all about right? The one thing that makes her extremely sexy is her confidence. She KNOWS she's a diva, despite what she tells people, this chic is a diva, she walks the red carpet or into a room and knows that she's the baddest ish there, from head to toe, she feels confident, and feels good even if some of her choices are crazy, she knows she's taking a risk, and is enjoys it. She does the hardest thing really well, sexy-classy, it's hard to do, because either you're too sexy and or trying too hard, and end up being trashy or you're too classy, and it doesn't look well on you trying to be sexy. So mucho props, to Ms. Diva Lopez!


      9.Selena *

      Queen of Tejano, Selena Quintanilla Perez, loved fashion since she was a kid and if it were up to her, she would've been a fashion designer. Luckily, for her, she lived her dream, and opened two boutiques. She had been making clothes since she was 13, and made her bad (Los Dinos) clothes as well as her dazzling bustiers, stage costumes, and pretty much anything in her closet, and jewelry mind you. This chic was on a roll. Still to this day, I can't find some of things she wore. Selena was a young classy girl. Even with her bustiers ("bras with sprinkly things on them") and her tight pants, she still moved like a graceful swan across stage, and was very much the lady. Although she is called sexy, mainly because of her costumes, she was very classy. Her beautiful creations; the Grammy dress, her countless bustiers, and her last Astrodome stage outfit, is proof of her good taste in fashion. Of course if she were here now, she'd be right up there with J.Lo and Eva as one of the hottest fashion divas of the Millennium. At least the clothes she made and wore, could still look hip today, like I said she had taste. *I made the video below*

      10. Victoria Beckham

      To conclude the list, we couldn't leave out Mrs. Victoria Beckham. I have her book, and I must say, it's a great read and good for any fashionista out there. What people don't realize is that, she's very funny. People tend to think she's a mean or cold person, that's just the model coming out of her. From a quote that I read, "life is fashion show and the world is a runway" and for her it's every time she steps outside, and she looks great all the time. She's very much the chameleon, she changes her hair, dyes it different colors. She went for the Audrey Hepburn look with her pixie hair cut, then she did the short blonde do, it's sometimes hard keeping up with her. lol. She's also a fashion designer, and the beautiful clothes she designs, make me smile. Oh to be an adopted child of hers would be wonderful, can you imagine that closet? She may not be a professional model, but don't tell her that, she does it so well, how could you not think she was one?

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