Friday, July 1, 2011

Princess Diana~Fashion Icon

Today is July 1st, what would've been Princess Diana's 50th birthday. The fabulous fashion icon, mother, and humanitarian would've looked fabulous if she were alive today. She was a trendsetter, and although she had her fashion flops in the 80s, she will not be held accountable because, the 80s was a fashion flop for EVERYONE, that's just my opinion, lol. When she came into her own as woman and as a humanitarian her looked changed and for the better. Like her daughter-in-law, Kate, she claimed to not be a clotheshorse, my opinion, yeah right! She had the eye for fashion! She knew what worked for her body, what colors, prints, and patterns would work for her. David and Elizabeth Emmanuel then, husband and wife duo were her go to for the 80s, but when the 90s came, she used them less and less and 90% of the time wore Catherine Walker. Together the duo created the look that she's so famous for. And that looked included those FABULOUS LEGS! Princess Di also wore Valentino, Versace, John Galliano, and other famous fashion designers, but she was forever loyal to Catherine and even bought a dress from her a few weeks before her death, which she was buried in. Towards the end of her life, the hemlines got shorter, the heels taller, the body more toned, and the hair close to shoulder length, this was to be the look of Diana probably for the rest of the late 90s. She made casual look chic, she's the only one, in my opinion who can wear a sweatshirt, shorts, hat, and tennis shoes and still look glamorous.

Not only that but she was a clever little thing. The Queen gave her a sapphire brooch, Diana took it and had a strand of pearls added to it to make it a choker, which she wore often. She also took a green necklace and wore it as a headband. She did these clever little things and also mixed costume jewelry with real jewelry. And even though she was divorced she still wore her engagement ring as part of her wardrobe. She was ahead of her time.

She inspired women everywhere not with fashion, but how to keep cool under pressure, and how to be strong and will powered. When things got hard in her marriage, when the Royal family didn't give her the time of day or gave her a hard time, she fought on, constantly upstaging her husband, and even being stubborn, her clothes spoke volumes of her growing confidence as a woman. She accepted that she would be a single mother, and her clothes showed how she was feeling, she didn't shribble up and cry, she carried on and helped others, especially women that went through what she went through. Which I think is a great thing to do. She spoke up on issues that were to be kept quiet, that were seen as "taboo", but Diana did what Diana wanted to do and refused to back down. All the while being a great mother. Yes, her husband raised Prince William and Harry to be men, but she showed them that there was life outside the palace, people who suffered, and how to use the power of touch. She kept them grounded and normal. And her love for her boys was so clear on her face no matter what she went through. For me, I hope that Kate can look up to her late mother-in-law and see how she handled the press, and Royals with grace, if you ask me, so far I think Kate is doing a wonderful job, with the help of her wonderful husband :-)

Here are 10 of my favorite looks from Diana although it was SO HARD! Aye!


  1. she was such a good trendsetter but sadly she died!

  2. Who was the designer of the first blue dress in your 10 best wears for Princess Diana? Do they may knock offs and if so do you know of a website to get them from?

  3. The first blue dress was designed by Catherine Walker, a favorite and best friend of hers. She was also a favorite of mine, from the looks Diana wore. She wore a lot of Catherine Walker starting around the late 80s or 1990.