Monday, July 11, 2011

The Weight of Kate

                                                       Kate in 2007

                                                    Kate in 2011

So I've been hearing about this since the wedding in April, and I have to put my 2cents in. Kate looks perfectly fine. There has been so much talks about her losing weight. But if you ask me she looks great! She's always been slender, and she works out, so she has a nice slender but soft athletic built to her. When April 29th, happened there were so many people that said she dropped so much weight, they were making it out like she was a Jennifer Hudson who went from a size 12 to a size 2! Come on people! I will admit that from the pictures I've seen in 2004 she was a bit rounder and had on a little bit more weight, but after graduating from college she slimmed down. So she may be a size 4, people need to stop overreacting! It's probably the norm over in the U.K. Victoria Beckham, Twiggy (in her modeling days), and Pippa are all very slender and tall in height, which makes them skinnier looking. Over here in America it's hyprocritical. We want girls to look healthy, yet when we get them like Kelly Clarkson, Queen Latifah, Jennifer Hudson we say they're too big, there are some people that think Marilyn Monroe in all her wonderful curves was too curvy! Then when there are stick girls like Nicole Richie and even the lovely Celine Dion we say they're too skinny and want them to gain weight, it flip flops constantly, so why should Kate listen to anyone? I just think people are blowing her weight totally out of proportion, I live in California and I've seen guys skinnier then me, and I'm petite and am about the same size as Kate, just 5'2 lol. Everyone is making a big deal about her because she's a royal because they weren't saying she was thin a year ago. Leave the girl alone, she's doing just fine, and her Prince likes her just the way she is :-)

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