Thursday, June 9, 2011

Kate Sparkles!

Officially a Duchess, but most like to call her Princess (like I do) was looking ever so beautiful tonight at the 10th anniversay of ARK (Absolute Return for Kids). Her handsome husband Prince William (officially a Duke but we like to stick to Prince, lol) was seeing sparkles before his eyes as his beautiful wife, Kate wore this AMAZING Jenny Packham Swarovski crystal gown and shoes from LK Bennett both favorites among the Middleton ladies. This is the first social outing in the public eye since. They were seen a few days ago at the Epsom Derby, but that doesn't count. It wasn't official :-) Kate didn't fail to impress. And I myself am speechless. If you followed the 29 Days of Kate Middleton you would have seen that she doesn't do a lot of crazy colors or prints and hardly any sparkle can be seen in her wardrobe. That's why I'm speechless! lol. And her arms are bare which she doesn't show often, another speechless moment, she looks bedazzling and William likes it too! All in favor of sparkling Kate say I! I!!!!

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