Sunday, October 9, 2011

CM's Picks!-Fashion Week Edition-Valentino Spring 2012

Just because Valentino the designer has retired doesn't mean that his Spring 2012 collection is short of feminine elegance. Designers, Maria Grazia and Pier Paola Piccioli have designed a beautiful collection that I know Valentino is proud of. Which means he can rest easy knowing that his label will be in good hands for years to come. My only beef is Maria, for someone that can be 1/2 of designing beautiful elegance can be such a frumpy dresser. The blouse is so wrong it is too small, hence the gap in the middle, and the high waisted pants that the blouse is carelessly tucked in makes her look short and boxy. What a shame. But let's stay focused on the collection shall we?

Elegance, grace, femininity that's what describes Valentino's Spring 2012 Collection. I just love everything about it! Especially, the short strapless dresses. So cute and flirty, I will take one in my size, ASAP!

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