Sunday, October 9, 2011

CM's Picks!-Fashion Week Edition-Alberta Ferretti Spring 2012

So due to school starting, and working on big projects for both school and another big project I had to take a mini break. So while my lovely computer is taking it's time downloading programs I'll be resuming my pics for Fashion Week, only 3 more to go! 

Color, tribal, box-pleats, and drop waists are words that describe this collection. In this collection there is a lot of faggoting. This term is a sewing technique that joins two fine linen fabrics together wit ha sheer panel that was used in vintage nightwear and lingerie. It seems her and Ralph Lauren have are going backwards instead of forward, which is fine by me. The art deco, 20s inspired designs work well with the colors. It's something a great take on the vintage style. Without the cloche hats and low heels this collection is reminiscent of the 20s without looking like you stepped out that period. One word, awesome!

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