Saturday, May 21, 2011

McCartney vs. McCartney

Okay so I'm a fan of both, Iman, no words, Gwen, is awesome, I love her style as well as Iman's both wore the same Stella McCartney jumpsuits two weeks apart. Iman wore it at the annual Costume Institute Gala. I have to give props to Gwen, the black color against her pale skin and smokey eyes look great on her. The pink lipstick and big hair make this sexy plunging V-neckline jumpsuit, very innocent. With Iman, everything blends in. The only thing that stands out are the clutch, belt, and eyeshadow, had it not been for this very minimal contrast, we wouldn't be able to see her. She looks like a bronze statute, if the hair color were darker it would've worked, sorry Iman. I still heart you though :-)

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