Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year, New Trends!

So it's a week into the new year, and you know what that means! It's new everything! New year resolution, new looks, and in fashion, new trends! So the new trends in fashion are: bell bottoms, tassels, tail hems, stripes, and jumpsuits just to name a few.

Bell Bottoms

The 70s are in for a comeback with bell bottoms on both men and women. So gone are the boyfriend jeans, and in for the flare and but tailored denim pants. Relaxation all year around!


Tassels are not just for home decor. They are make any outfit look luxurious. Now I'm sure you're wondering what in the world I'm talking about. But as you will see tassels are fun. Tassels were seen on men's loafers, and women's purses but are now the hottest trends, some have been worn as necklaces, others have been on gladiator style sandals. Now they're being used at trimmings on dresses and other clothing.

Tail Hems

Tail hems have been seen on the red carpet every now and then, they've also been seen in men's clothing only by choice not by design. For instance, a man might have the front shirt of his tucked in his jeans with a belt and have the back hanging out. Well now this has transferred to the women's department. In the form of dresses, and skirts. So minis and maxis are out, fun in the front sweet in back.


Who said stripes were just for sailors? Stripes are making their way into Spring this year. Although stripes are seen as more nautical then anything they're making their presence very known. If you're into the 70s look, you can pair those bell bottom jeans with a striped shirt. Or you can wear solid color dress and have a striped floppy hat to also give a 70s look. Even the lovely Jacqueline Kennedy wore stripes.


Guess who has made a return to the fashion scene? The lovely jumpsuits, another 70s staple that is coming back for the Spring. Just because it's a 70s piece doesn't mean it hasn't been around in the past 30 years. Remember a little known singer by the name of Jennifer Lopez a.k.a. J.Lo? She made it big back in 2001, and although it was a short lived piece a few years ago in the summer, please note it will be around for awhile. 

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